Meet The BB3X8 FDP, A Ferrari 328 Restomod By CasilMotors

Restomods, what exactly is a restomod? Well according to Google and various motoring publications a restomod is a mixture of old and new technology which is combined to create a vehicle that is the best of both worlds, matching classic looks with modern day technology, performance and reliability. As a result, the restomod craze is growing rapidly and even though it is a relatively recent phenomenon in the collector-car world, I personally have seen/heard about my fair share of restomods, with each and every one of them being totally unique creations.

Even though restomods can come in all shapes and sizes, it seems classic Porsche’s, more specifically the 356 and the 911 are the first and most popular choice for most restomodders out there and it’s not hard to see or understand why. As a result there has been quite a few Porsche 356 and 911 restomods that have shown up lately, coming from companies like Singer, Lanzante, Emory Motorsports and Gunther Werks but Porsche 356’s and 911’s aren’t the only classic’s sports cars that have received the restomod treatment. Yes it is true, because recently we at Enzarireceived yet another tip regarding the latest high profile restomod, and this time it is not one of Stuttgart’s finest but it is instead one of Modena’s Prancing Horses.

This is it, what you are looking at ladies and gentlemen is the BB3X8 FDP and it is the work of American based auto shop Casil Motors. As you can see from the images featured in this article, the BB3X8 FDP is based on the classic Ferrari 328 GTB and the drop top Ferrari 328 GTS. As any real petrolhead or Ferrari enthusiast will no doubt know, Ferrari restomods are very few and far between, in fact we at Enzari have only heard about one other Ferrari restomod recently which is EvolutoAutomobili’s 348 restomod. So then, it is quite apparent that Ferrari restomods are quite a rare sight, therefore when one does come along like the BB3X8 FDP, it is considered to be a relatively highly desirable vehicle and it is also bound to attract a lot of attention wherever it goes.

On the outside, as you can no doubt see from the images featured in this article the BB3X8 FDP benefits from a long list of exterior upgrades and modifications, which change the overall styling of the vehicle resulting in a more aggressive, yet sporty look. According to Casil Motors, the BB3X8 FDP has been outfitted with a carbon kevlar wide body kit which includes new front and rear bumpers, new front wings, a new bonnet, new rear quarter panels, new rocker panels and a new “Ducktail” spoiler. That is not all, Casil Motors have also outfitted the BB3X8 FDP with carbon fiber Ferrari 458 GT3 side view mirrors, a custom made two-piece aluminium rear diffuser, a carbon kevlar targa top and Ferrari 288 GTO style fog lights.

In order to make the exterior of the BB3X8 FDP really stand out, Casil Motors will also powder coat all badges and emblems to match the finish of the wheels, they will also replace the 3/4 window louvers with Euro spec parts and they have outfitted the BB3X8 FDP with a set of RotiForm DNO wheels which have been wrapped in Toyo R888R tires. Inside, Casil Motors have also worked their magic on the interior of the BB3X8 FDP, creating a spectacular modern, yet classic looking interior in the process. As a result if you peek inside the BB3X8 FDP you will find a bespoke leather and Alcantara trimmed interior, a Momoflat-bottom steering wheel, a minimalistic roll bar, Bride historic vintage style carbon fiber seats, race car style switchgear, a fire extinguisher and even an entirely new Ferrari ignition key. However, according to Casil Motors clients will be able to choose from a wide variety of exterior colour options and finishes as well as a wide variety of interior materials to create a truly bespoke, vehicle to suit each clients individual taste.

Under the skin, the BB3X8 FDP has been updated too thereforeit now features a modern suspension set-up which includes a custom air-ride suspension system with fully adjustable tubular A-arms and control arms, a custom reinforced subframe, JRZ struts and Endo CVT tanks and an Accuair E-level management system. According to Casil Motors, the BB3X8 FDP has been outfitted with an air suspension system in order to maximise the overall handling performance of the vehicle and it also gives the BB3X8 FDP that stylish lowered look. Suspension aside the BB3X8 FDP has also been outfitted with an uprated Willwoodlightweight performance braking system with 2-piece floating disks which is definitely needed on such a vehicle.

Under the hood of the BB3X8 FDP you will find an uprated version of the original 3.2 litre, naturally aspirated V8 engine. Casil Motors have added quite a few performance upgrades under the hood, these include an electromotive ECU, a Bosch K-Jetronic electric fuel injection system, a KMS MD35 ECU tune, a custom built radiator, custom built stainless exhaust manifolds, a custom straight through exhaust system and Jenvey IDF individual throttle bodies. As a result of all of the above mentioned performance upgrades, the BB3X8 FDP has an overall power output of 400 hp @ 9,200 RPM which means this Ferrari 328 restomod produces the same amount of power as the legendary Ferrari 288 GTO. The 3.2 litre, naturally aspirated V8 engine has been paired to a 5-speed gated transmission which will most likely send all of the engines power to the rear wheels.

Unfortunately, Casil Motors have not released any official torque figures, 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint times or top speed figures for the BB3X8 FDP yet, but we are pretty sure this smoking hot Ferrari restomod is not slow. As for pricing, CasilMotors is still yet to announce the official starting price but considering the amount of work that goes into each BB3X8 FDP, we are almost certain this Ferrari restomod will be pretty expensive. However, there is a catch, if you want to park one of these bespoke Ferrari 328 restomods in your garage you better act quickly because Casil Motors will only be building 30 examples worldwide. Overall, I absolutely love what CasilMotors have done with the BB3X8 FDP and that leaves me asking the question, could Casil Motors be to Ferrari what Singer Vehicle Design is to Porsche?

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