Fiat Panda Gets That Inbetween Look With Hawaii Edition

Fiat Reveals Panda  ‘Hawaii” Special Edition

Teenage drivers need no longer wait for the bus with their ‘fwends’ thanks to a new special-edition version of the Fiat Panda.

Created as a tribute to the iconic Fiat Cinquecento that starred in several episodes of the cult TV show ‘The Inbetweeners’, the Panda ‘Hawaii’ will be offered with free insurance to all first-time, teenage drivers.

Finished in distinctive yellow with a pre-dented red passenger door – just like Simon Cooper’s in the show – each one of the 1,419 Hawaii Editions made will feature a period-style M-registration plate, black plastic bumpers and a radio-cassette player in place of the standard infotainment system.

Fiat has also brought its iconic 899cc overhead valve engine back into production specifically for this model, as its 38bhp makes it a great little runner, and won’t let it get up to dangerous speeds.

Parents of teenagers will be offered special financial incentives, so they can buy their child ‘‘the most valuable present they’ll ever get.’’

Fiat spokesperson Buffo D’Aprile said: “The Panda Hawaii is perfect for young men as not only is it cheap to run, but it also attracts members of the opposite sex.

“What youngster wouldn’t want to be seen in such an iconic and classic vehicle? We’ve had loads of interest and fully expect to sell all of them on the morning of their first day on sale, which is April 1st.’’

Optional extras include an anti-squirrel-collision system and mild amphibious qualities to protect the Panda Hawaii should it eventually end up in a pond.

The first 14 customers to order a Panda Hawaii will be given four free tickets to Thorpe Park, including queue-jump passes for the front seats of Nemesis Inferno.

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