Ferrari F12 Getting The Hennessey Treatment

When we think of Hennessey, unbelievably powerful SUV’s, V8 muscle cars and of course the bullet called the Venom GT which had the Bugatti Veyron worried come to mind. The Texas based tuner have also ventured into supercar territory with Ferrari, Lamborghini but mostly with McLaren more recently the 720S. Now the Texas based tuner have got their hands on one of the Prancing Horse’s V12’s.

No, it’s not Ferrari’s latest V12 offering the 812 Superfast but it is the car the 812 replaced, an F12 Berlinetta more specifically a white one. At first glance this F12 Berlinetta is something you would expect to see on a Ferrari showroom floor when new as there is nothing showing us otherwise apart from a Hennessey decal across the windscreen.

It’s been named the HPE800 Ferrari F12 because the Texas based tuner has tinkered with the F12’s sizeable 6.3-litre V12 engine to produce an improved 800hp (597 kW). An 800hp F12 isn’t a huge boost over the 730hp (544 kW) factory standard supercar. Unfortunately I can’t say exactly what Hennessey has done to this F12 to achieve that figure as the Texas based tuner is keeping tight lipped about the details. It’s pretty clear that changes were performed to the exhaust system giving off an absolutely eargasmic soundtrack in the video.

Hennessey have quite a reputation, knowing them this is most likely the tip of a 1,000hp (746 kW) F12 iceberg. Upon visiting the Hennessey website a listing for Ferrari wasn’t present yet and “validation testing” was mentioned in the video title hinting that this F12 is still a work in progress.

Watch this space…

Steve & Chris Parry are contributors from stevespeedza.blogspot.com

Hennessey Ferrari 800hp F12

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