New Lancia Stratos Still Available But Be Quick

Amongst all the new cars and concept cars at last weeks Geneva Motor Show saw Lancia also taking in the limelight of the international auto show. Not that is Lancia which is currently under control of the FCA Group but Manifattura Automobili Torino Who first turned up with their ‘new’ Lancia Stratos at last years show.

For those amongst you who remember, this is the Lancia Stratos that requires a Ferrari F430 as the donor car in order to own one. Yes this new Stratos begins life as a Ferrari F430 with that all important 550bhp V8 engine, then the chassis is modified to fit the profile of the supercar. The Pininfarinadesigned bodywork encases the shortened wheelbase and new engineering that goes into this car. Its interior is minimalistic but purposeful with a roll cage and space for racing helmets.

This year Manifattura Automobili Torino brought two customer cars with them. One for a customer in Germany with the other destined to go across to the United States, and with only 25 of the new Stratos being built it seems they haven’t all sold yet.

Speaking to journalists at the Geneva Motor Show, Sales and Purchasing manager Riccardo Garella for Manifattura Automobili Torino said “there are about 15 still available, but as we have many customers currently in discussion, this is a number that can vary quickly.

It is no great surprise they haven’t all sold just yet, bearing in mind you need that Ferrari as the donor car, likely to set you back around £100k, the conversion to Stratos will set you back an additional £400-450k depending on whether you have auto or manual transmission.

So there you have it, if you have the means you might just get your hands on one…

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