Meet The Pagani Huayra Dragon, The Most Extreme Huayra To Date

Meet The Pagani Huayra Dragon, The Most Extreme Huayra To Date

The Pagani Huayra was introduced to the automotive world by Italian exotic auto manufacturer Pagani back in 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. The breathtakingly beautiful Pagani Huayra succeeded Pagani’s previous offering, the now legendary Pagani Zonda which stayed in production for eighteen long years (1999 – 2017). Production of the Pagani Huayra Coupe began seven years ago back in 2012 and with a limited production run of only one-hundred examples, the Pagani Huayra Coupe has since become a highly desirable vehicle and it is also a very rare sight on the worlds roads.

Just under a year ago, Pagani delivered the 100th and final Pagani Huayra Coupe to it’s lucky new owner, six years after production of the Pagani Huayra officially began. The 100th and very last Pagani Huayra Coupe to be produced is known as the Pagani Huayra L’Ultimo, this rather special Huayra features an exterior paint finish that was inspired by the livery used on Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes AMG Formula One car. However once Pagani delivered the Huayra L’Ultimo to it’s new owner, production of the Pagani Huayra Coupe was officially over. As a result, Pagani have been focusing all of their time on building the Pagani Huayra Roadster which is also limited to 100 units, and is just as desirable as it’s Coupe sibling.

However, despite Pagani confirming to the automotive universe that production of the Huayra Coupe had officially ended, recently I came across a mysterious Pagani Huayra Coupe prototype which was spied testing. However, despite trying really hard to find out more about this mysterious Huayra test mule, I could not establish what this prototype was for and without any official word from Pagani, I was left thinking that this mysterious Pagani Huayra Coupe prototype was either a one off build for a very lucky Pagani client or a test mule of some sort for a special edition version of the Huayra Coupe. Despite Pagani keeping tight lipped, I now know what they are up to.

The mystery Pagani Huayra prototype has turned out to be both a one off build (well kind of) and a limited edition version of the Pagani Huayra Coupe, I bet you weren’t expecting that. Images which were obtained by automotive publication GTSpirit show exactly what Pagani has planned, and it’s not a slightly upgraded Huayra but it is instead a whole new Huayra model, exciting isn’t it? This is it, what you are looking at ladies and gentlemen is the Pagani Huayra Dragon and it is believed to be the most extreme version of the Huayra to date and it will be produced in extremely limited numbers too, just five examples of the Pagani Huayra Dragon will ever see the light of day.

It is being reported that the very first Pagani Huayra Dragon has been commissioned by aftermarket tuning firm TopCar Design, and it is also being reported that Pagani will be building another four customer cars which will most likely be sold to four members of Pagani’s elite clientele. Although Pagani have not mentioned when production of the Pagani Huayra Dragon will officially begin, it is believed that production of the Huayra Dragon will begin once Pagani have completed production of the Huayra Roadster and Huayra BC Roadster. If this is indeed true, production of the Huayra Dragon could still be sometime away as we have no official word on how many Huayra/Huayra BC Roadsters have already been built.

As for the images featured in this article, they seem to show the Huayra Dragon which has been commissioned by TopCar Design, and what a spec it is. Starting on the outside, we can see that TopCar Design’s Huayra Dragon features a naked carbon fiber, black or gray exterior paint finish and lots of bright orange exterior accents. Colours aside, TopCar Design’s Huayra Dragon also seems to benefit from a long list of exterior upgrades which include a bespoke fixed carbon fiber rear wing, an aggressive roof scoop and a new, large rear diffuser. As you can no doubt see, the TopCar Design Huayra Dragon also seems to feature louvers over the front wheel arches, a bespoke set of carbon fiber side skirts and a special set of wheels.

Unfortunately, no images were made available showing the vehicle’s interior but I am pretty sure it won’t be too different from that of a regular Huayra. However, it does remain to be seen if all five Huayra Dragon models will all look the same, or if the other four lucky owners will have the option to customize the exterior and interior of their vehicle’s or not. Under the hood of the Pagani Huayra Dragon, you will most likely find a very familiar, yet potent Mercedes-AMG 6.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V12 engine. Although official performance figures were not available at the time of writing this article, I am almost certain that the extreme Huayra Dragon will be more powerful than the Huayra BC which 745 hp and 1,100 Nm of torque.

As any real petrolhead will no doubt know, Pagani are already planning to replace the Huayra. According to reports, the Huayra’s replacement will be offered in both petrol powered and all electric forms which I still think is a very bold move for Pagani. However, with Pagani still in the process of completing Huayra Roadster and Huayra BC Roadster production, the Huayra Dragon could very well be the final Huayra variant before Pagani officially replaces the Huayra. As for pricing, well Pagani hasn’t released any pricing details for the Huayra Dragon, but it surely won’t be cheap. However, according to Pagani South Africa, one Huayra Dragon will be making it’s way to sunny South Africa which is great news for all South African based Pagani enthusiasts, as for the other 4 examples, well I am not sure where they will be heading once they have been built.

Steve & Chris Parry are contributors from stevespeedza.blogspot.com

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