Maserati Presents Customized Levante: Allegra Antinori’s ONE OF ONE


Maserati Levante: Allegra Antinori’s ONE OF ONE completely customized by the Centro Stile Maserati

At this 89th edition of the Geneva international Motor Show, Maserati has presented a Maserati Levante ONE OF ONE giving a foretaste of the future customization programme. It has been customized to fit the profile of Allegra Antinori, Vice President of Italian wine producer Marchesi Antinori.


In what could be described an an absolute novelty, the Levante ONE OF ONE, is a foretaste of Maserati’s future customization programme. The stand at this years Geneva Motor Show showcases a Maserati Levante ONE OF ONE entirely customized by Allegra Antinori, Vice President of Italian wine firm Marchesi Antinori, world leader in quality wines.

The Centro Stile Maserati assisted Allegra Antinori in the configuration of her car, in a genuine process of shared creation, a concept which is much more than the mere choice of accessories.

A unique project in which she expresses herself, her emotions and her story. Implemented in this way, the special bond between Maserati’s ground-breaking innovation and the attention to detail normally found in the workshops of traditional craftsmen comes to life in a unique Maserati.

In this first example of the new customization process, every detail Allegra Antinori has defined is closely linked to a facet of her personality. The external configuration is a distinctive tri-coat green, a special, unique colour inspired by the shades of the Tuscan hills. The external details (door handles, side air vents and grille inserts) are finished in dark look chrome, toning to perfection with the body colour to give the Maserati SUV a truly sophisticated overall look.

The interiors of Allegra Antinori’s ONE OF ONE features many unique combinations, which have never previously been used on a Levante. The lower dashboard, door panel, central tunnel unit and seat colour references the warm hues of the earth of Tuscan vineyards.

The unique “Pieno Fiore” leather used for the seats is another exquisite choice: it is coloured with aniline and oils, with no surface finishes, but is ornamented with classical button-tufted effect 3D embroidery. The technique used provides exceptional depth of colour and a very smooth tactile sensation, and like a fine wine, this leather will simply improve with age.

The central tunnel is in a special finish using a material that is new even for Maserati: carbon fibre with copper wire and high gloss finish. Here again, there are clear references to the Antinori estate and the concept of Cor-Ten, the weathering steel used for the construction of the Antinori Winery in the Chianti Classico area, midway between Florence and Siena.

The 100% natural mohair wool mats provide the final, exclusive touch to a tailor-made customization with attention to every single detail.

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