Five New Ferrari’s To Come In 2019

Hot off the heels off Ferrari’s latest new car release the F8 Tributo, itself a V8 successor to the 488GTB, Ferrari Vice President of Marketing Enrico Galliera has told WhatCar Australia in an interview that the Italian carmaker has five new cars scheduled for launch in 2019.

“Five new models will come in 2019, which is probably the biggest effort, it’s the start of the new generation of product.”

“Some of them are replacing existing product, some of them are not so. Already in 2019 you will see some products that are existing in the product range, and another thing that I can say is that we will nurture both the GT segment and the sports segment.”

The new F8 Tributo revealed this week is number one of five new cars we can expect to see this year. Enrico revealed that Ferrari has a new mid-engined sports car platform that will be revealed this year, but did not say whether this will underpin the F8 Tributo or the other mid-engined sports cars planned for 2019.

Whilst it is the V8 Turbo that grabs many headlines, Ferrari much like its rival Lamborghini is not turning its back on the V12 engine, despite several new smaller engines set to join the line up.

“The V-12 is part of the heritage of the company,” Galliera stated. “It will remain one of the potential elements that we can use in our model of the future together with the V-8 and future with the V-6. So the technology we are going to have V-12, V-8, V-6 turbo. Hybrid will give us the possibility to have a platform that we can mix to achieve emissions targets.”

A much rumoured 812 Supercars based spyder is just one of the cars from Maranello expected in 2019 as well as a ‘Dino V6 hybrid, however the first Ferrari SUV – Purosangue- is still same way off “This is something that we are working to, but is not going to come in the coming two to three years. It’s something more long-term.”

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