Maserati Heads In New Direction

Maserati is a name steeped in Italian automotive legend, some of the most beautiful cars have born the Trident logo but more recently the carmaker has seen its sales stutter some what, the slow down in the Chinese market has not helped either. However it seems plans are being put together to take Maserati in a new direction.

According to reports FCA CEO Mike Manley who recently put Harald Wester (he headed up Maserati from 2008 to 2016) back in charge of the brand, Manley has given him the task of bringing in a new management team. Once the new team is in place, it will be time to develop a plan to turn Maserati around

Manley admits things need to change at Maserati, speaking at an event recently, he said, “With hindsight, when we put Maserati and Alfa together, it did two things. Firstly, it reduced the focus on Maserati the brand. Secondly, Maserati was treated for a period of time almost as if it were a mass-market brand, which it isn’t and shouldn’t be treated that way.”

A change in direction, particularly with new products can often take time, especially in the car world however it seems Manley wants things to move pretty quickly with Maserati. “It will take at least two quarters to sort through some of the channel issues, but I’m expecting Harald and his team to make some significant progress beginning in the second half of 2019,” he said.

With the Alfieri pencilled in for next year, a car that has already been pushed back from its initial launch date, Maserati has a lot of catching up to do, as with the exception of the Levante it’s products risk beginning to feel out of date. What Wester and his team have planned is unclear but we should get a better idea later this year.

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