Ferrari F40 Restored By Gas Monkey Garage Heads To Auction Again

Last year Italian exotic auto manufacturer Ferrari celebrated the 31st birthday of one of the most legendary Ferrari’s ever produced. This particular Ferrari is in fact a very special car as it captured the hearts of petrolheads around the world and it took the Ferrari brand to the ‘next level’. This particular Ferrari also set the standards for the supercar as we now know it today and it has claimed the title of ‘the best Ferrari road car ever’ by the global Tifosi, so which Ferrari am I talking about you’re probably asking, well it’s none other than the legendary Ferrari F40.

The Ferrari F40 was built to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari and it was also the very last Ferrari which Enzo Ferrari himself had a part in developing before his death in 1987. The Ferrari F40 was officially unveiled on July 21, 1987 in Maranello, Italy with a planned limited production run of just 400 units, with each unit costing US $400,000 when new in 1987. However, Ferrari’s plan to limit production of the F40 didn’t quite work out, because demand for the F40 was so high Ferrari ended up producing 1,311 units in total from 1987 to 1992 and today a show winning Ferrari F40 can cost you as much as US $2 million.

Luckily for those that don’t have a spare $2 million burning a hole in their pocket, every so often a Ferrari F40 either gets listed for sale or goes on auction. As expected, these vehicles aren’t cheap with some of these legendary Italian supercars changing hands for more than $2 million, while others change hands for alot less. However, purchasing a Ferrari F40 today for $1 million or less is not impossible but it certainly isn’t easy, or is it? We at Enzari have some information and a few pictures of the latest Ferrari F40 that is due to cross the auction block, in fact the auction has already started and it’s attracted lots of attention too.

This is the vehicle in question, it is a 1991 Ferrari F40 and it might look a little familiar to some petrolheads out there. Why? Well this exact 1991 Ferrari F40 was brought back to life, restored and extensively modified by Gas Monkey Garage back in 2013. However, when Gas Monkey owner Richard Rawlings purchased this Ferrari F40, it had suffered serious body and structural damage which it sustained when it hit a fence, presumably at high speed, back in 2011. Regardless of the damage and the massive risk involved, Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins purchased this wrecked F40 for an eye-watering $400.000.

As one would expect, restoring a wrecked Ferrari F40 is no easy task. As a result, Gas Monkey Garage enlisted the help of Ferrari restoration expert Stuart Singer and Ferrari/Lamborghini technician Mike Luongo to get this Ferrari F40 back on the road once again. Once this F40 has been disassembled, the bent frame had to be straightened and strengthened and just about every other part (damaged or not) on this F40 was either refreshed or replaced with original Ferrari parts or the best of the best aftermarket parts, and the end result was unique, yet very impressive.

In the process of restoring this F40, Gas Monkey Garage also went to work on it’s 2.9 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine. As a result, this Ferrari F40 now features a pair of upgraded turbochargers, an aluminium flywheel, a Kevlar clutch pack, a Tubi competition exhaust system, Penske Racing adjustable shock absorbers and a set of HRE alloy wheels. That’s not all, because this Ferrari F40 also features a full black interior which makes it one of two in the world (the other being the Ferrari F40 Valeo) to have such a unique feature. However, it is the colour of this F40 which is the most noticeable change because it is not Rosso Corsa (Red) like every other F40 produced, instead Gas Monkey Garage decided to give it a Gloss Black paint finish which makes this F40 even more unique.

Once the restoration process was complete, this Ferrari F40 was purchased in 2014 at auction by baseball icon Reggie Jackson for $742,500. The F40 remained under the ownership of Reggie Jackson for just one year before going on auction yet again. In 2015, this Ferrari F40 was purchased by businessman Richard Scott at auction for $643,500. However, following the arrest of Richard Scott in November, 2017 for stealing an estimated $11 million from the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, all of Scott’s assets were seized by Federal authorities including this Ferrari F40 which will now cross the auction block once again.

Currently being auctioned by Apple Auctioneering, (a firm specializing in ‘seized asset management and government liquidation’) via an online auction, this Ferrari F40’s odometer is showing just 9,095 miles, although according to Apple Auctioneering ‘mileage inconsistencies’ have been reported. However, at the time of writing this article the highest bid for this rather unique Ferrari F40 was a mere $503,000 with 9 days and 3 hours to go until the auction ends. We at Enzari don’t think it will stay at $502,000 for very long but regardless of the final price, we hope that this Ferrari F40 gets the loving home it deserves.

Stephen Parry is a keen car enthusiast and also writes his own blog at http://stevespeedza.blogspot.com

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