Alfa Romeo Racing: Antonio Complete Final Day Of Testing

Alfa Romeo Racing: Antonio Complete Final Day Of Testing

Another solid day on track completed by Antonio Giovinazzi on the final day

Antonio Giovinazzi completed the final day of T01 behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo Racing C38 at Barcelona.

Building on the progress made over the past three days together with teammate Kimi Räikkönen, Antonio and the team focused on aerodynamic testing and set-up work for both short- and long-runs today.

After a positive week, the team feels confident of the potential of their 2019 contender and is looking forward to the second week of testing ahead of the season debut in Melbourne.

Antonio Giovinazzi (car number 99):
“After another full day in the car, I am satisfied with the progress we have made this week and overall our team is feeling motivated by our recent learnings. I feel comfortable in the car as well as in the team itself and we are all working together constructively. We have another week of testing ahead of us which we will use to focus on making further progress and learn even more about our new car. I am already looking forward to being back on track.”

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