Supercar Museums Have Real Pulling Power

Horacio Pagani Museum

It seems Petrolheads just can’t get enough of Supercars, nowadays information on your favourite car is available instantly through modern technology but it seems you still can’t beat getting up close and personal in more traditional methods such as Museums.

Although only opened a little over a year ago, the Horacio Pagani Museum (named after its founder) the Italian carmaker has announced that in it’s first year to last December, the museum attracted 20,000 visitors.

Inside the Horacio Pagani Museum you can not only find several versions of the companies Zonda and Huayra models but also projects by Horacio Pagani from when he worked as an engineer, including his time at Lamborghini such as vehicles, models and documents.

The 20,000 visitor number is pretty impressive, if not a little lower than the 100,00o Lamborghini see’s through their doors while the Ferrari Museums also continue to flourish, attracting over 540,000 visitors in the course of 2018 and setting a new record in the process.

More than 370,000 visitors passed through the doors of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, confirming its hugely successful status and reflecting the exceptional numbers of the previous year during which the company also celebrated its 70th anniversary. The Museum also staged two exhibitions in the course of 2018 that are still running: “Driven by Enzo” is a collection of Enzo Ferrari’s favourite four-seaters, while “Passion and Legend” is an homage to the company and its founder’s extraordinary story. The new “Michael 50” exhibition also officially opened on January 3rd in honour of Michael Schumacher’s 50th birthday, that will be open until March 31.

The MEF in Modena finished the year having welcomed over 175,000 visitors, an increase of 11% on 2017. This was thanks in good part to the “Il Rosso & Il Rosa” exhibition, a celebration of Ferrari’s close bond with women through some of the favourite cars of legendary female stars and personalities.

The excellent synergic relationship between the two Museums was also demonstrated by the success of the single ticket covering entry to both.

The abovementioned results confirm the Ferrari Museums’ status as one of the most popular visitor hubs in Italy as their new and enthralling themed exhibitions continue to draw in tifosi and enthusiasts from all over the globe from year to year.

Have you been to any of these museums, what did you think?

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