Power Up – No Excuse For A Boring 2019

It’s a New Year time to blow 2018 away with some Power!

As we all get our lives back to normal following the festive season, what better way to see in the New Year with some car fun.

Unlike the days of your parents past, you no longer need a Super budget to buy a car with Supercar performance to enjoy driving with some real Oomph!

Whether its a pocket rocket, Super saloon or fast SUV, it seems all tastes are catered for these days. You can literally go through your whole driving life enjoying the thrill of a fast fun car.

We have friends with Abarths who swear they handle like their on rails and enough power to shame most hot hatches but without leaving you penniless.

Maybe you’re a family person and need more space and doors, step forward the Alfa Romeo Giulia  and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, with Supercar shaming speed and precision, you can blast home from work so fast you might be in fear of going back in time, then step out the other side with a smile wider than any Cheshire Cat (do they actually smile?!)

Of course you might be in the executive brigade, but still enjoy the thrill of driving without plumping for some beige motor everyone else seems to be given off the company car list. Maseratis range offers that exclusivity with sportiness, the Ghibli V6 is a typically good looking Italian saloon, standing out from the crowd for all the good reasons. Fancy a V8? Well the Levante V8 makes the Range Rover ‘range’ look very dull and ordinary.

So there you have it, when you’re sat around making your new year resolutions do yourself a favour, you owe it to yourself, if you’re changing your car either private or company car, add some fun factor in there and enjoy driving again…

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