Meet The Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’

Lancia Aurelia B20GT Outlaw

Meet The Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ – The World’s Prettiest Restomod

Italian auto manufacturer Lancia was founded by Fiat racing drivers Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin back in 1906. Originally known as Lancia & C. Fabbrica Automobili, Lancia quickly became a major player in the Italian auto industry producing some the world’s prettiest cars in the process. When we say “some of the world’s prettiest cars” we really do mean pretty, after all Lancia were responsible for cars like the Aurelia, the Fulvia, the Delta HF Integrale and of course the Ferrari powered Stratos.

Lancia were not just good at designing and building some of the world’s prettiest cars, they were also very good at rallying. Yes, during the 1970’s and 1980’s Lancia absolutely dominated the World Rally Championship (WRC). Although Lancia officially withdrew from the World Rally Championship at the end of the 1993 season, they did manage to win a total of 11 World Rally Championship titles from 1972 – 1993, with the Lancia Delta being the brand’s most successful rally car, winning the World Rally Championship six times in a row from 1987 – 1992. Impressive right?

In 1969 Lancia became a part of the Fiat Group, and although the brand went on to design and produce quite a few excellent vehicles under the supervision of the Fiat Group, the Lancia fairytale came to an abrupt end. Fast forward to 2019 and although Lancia are still producing vehicles, the vehicles that now wear the Lancia badge are no longer pretty and to us that means these vehicles are imposters, not genuine Lancia’s. Of course there is another problem, if you were crazy enough to purchase a new Lancia you would find that rather hard to do. Why? Because Lancia’s are no longer sold outside of Italy.

As a result of all of this, Lancia has become something of a forgotten name to the automotive universe and we think this needs to change as soon as possible. Luckily for petrolheads everywhere, there is a new Lancia that has surfaced recently and it will take your breath away Okay, it’s not a new Lancia, in fact it is a classic Lancia with modern day touches which essentially makes it a Lancia restomod, nonetheless it is absolutely stunning. This is it, what you are looking at is the Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ and it is the work of British based Lancia specialists Thornley Kelham.

As expected, the beautiful Lancia Aurelia B20GT is based on a Lancia Aurelia from the 1950’s. The Thornley Kelham Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ is inspired by Giovanni Bracco’s Aurelia B20GT which claimed a second place finish at the 1951 Mille Miglia as well as an overall class win at Le Mans in 1951. Of course creating a piece of automotive art like the Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ is a painstakingly long process, in fact it took Thornley Kelham around 5,000 hours to complete the entire project

The project began after Thornley Kelham acquired a tatty, old Lancia Aurelia donor car which was found just sitting in a barn rusting away. Luckily this vehicle was saved, and it was soon disassembled and that was when the real work began. As you can no doubt see from the pictures featured in this article, the Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ features a beautifully modified body, to be more specific the B20GT ‘Outlaw’ has had three inches sliced from its roof pillars giving it a “chopped” yet sleek look. The roof is not the only modification to be made to the body, because all four wings have been widened, the front and rear bumpers as well as the rain guttering has been removed, the front indicators are now housed inside the headlights and what seems to be a Nardi scoop has also been cut into the bonnet.

The modifications continue inside as the Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ gets an entirely new interior. As a result you will find an Alcantara headlining, leather trimmed Porsche 356 Speedster seats, an FIA-spec rollcage, a new pedal box and steering column which come together to improve the traditional ‘Italian’ driving position and create a high quality cabin with lots of impressive touches. However, each Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ will feature a bespoke interior spec to suit the exact taste of each individual customer. This essentially means that no two Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’s’ will have the same interior.

It gets even better however, because under the long sleek hood of the Aurelia B20GT you will find a new powerplant. A 2.8 litre V6 from the Lancia Flaminia to be exact, the new powerplant was re-bored and fitted with spikier cams and a new, custom built exhaust system. As a result of the new, larger powertrain and the above mentioned upgrades, the Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ has an overall power output of 175 hp. I know, 175 hp doesn’t sound like much and in all fairness it isn’t, but it is more powerful than a standard Lancia Aurelia which only produced 118 hp when new. Unfortunately Thornley Kelham has not mentioned anything about the Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’s’ 0-60 mph sprint times or top speed, but all of that is not really relevant when a car looks this good. Am I right?

So then the Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ looks and sounds brilliant, but there is some bad news. It is believed that Thornley Kelham will produce just eight examples of the Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ and each example will be made to order with prices starting at around £400,000. According to Thronley Kelham, all Aureia donor cars that are used to create the B20GT ‘Outlaw’ are “basket cases” in need of some serious tender love an care. This is simply because descent examples of the Lancia Aurelia are far too valuable to be chopped up and modified. Just so you know, the absolutely stunning Lancia Aurelia B20GT ‘Outlaw’ will officially take the name “Fuorilegge” which is Italian for Outlaw, of course

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