Lamborghini Render Is Reality

Recently the EAGames 3D artist Khyzyl Saleem rendered his own version of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, giving his sketch the name Proxima. Now Japanese tuner YES Racing seems to have turned it into reality by bringing out what looks like a real-life version of that bit of virtual tuning.

YES Racing worked with a regular Lamborghini Aventador as opposed to the SVJ version. Giving the raging bull a pair of unique headlights that look exactly like the ones on the 3D rendering along with a front bumper like something out of a concept car, as well as aggressive and sporty sides, auxiliary headlights built straight into the front air intakes, and an enormous fixed rear wing.

They put the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Proxima on a set of custom-made, glossy-black wheels approximately 23 inches in size, lowered the suspension and painted the body glossy light blue (as opposed to the matte light blue on the renders).

Yes Racing didn’t mention any mass production plans. Still, considering that the visitors of the Tokyo Auto Salon met the modded vehicle with great enthusiasm, a limited series may follow soon.

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