Lamborghini Puts The Brakes On It’s Car Production

Lamborghini had a pretty good 2018 with worldwide sales of 51% up from 3,815 cars to 5,750 but now to ensure the raging bull does’t lose it’s exclusivity the Italian car maker has announced it will put the brakes on it’s car production, limiting it to 8000 units a year., splitting the production between it’s three models, half is expected to be the Urus and the remainder between the Huracan (two-thirds) and Aventador (one-third).

Limiting production is nothing new in the exclusive prestige sector, Lamborghini needs to look no further than fellow Italian supercar maker Ferrari to see how it works for them with high residual values, particularly with the likes of the 488 Pista models, the special editions. CEO Stefano Domenicali stated this is a definite factor in having a limited production run, “I would say if you look now, the residual values of our cars are some of the highest in our segment. I can also say that for us, Ferrari has always been a reference… as well as others in the super sports car segment, but we have already achieved higher residual values for our cars, especially with some of our older models,” Domenicali said.

Domenicali went on to say how the customer base is changing “The other factor that I’m very proud of is the fact that the Lamborghini brand is growing stronger and stronger with the younger generation. It’s one of the reasons why we have to be at the right level when it comes to exclusivity,” he went on.

“In fact, I would say that the ‘waiting time’ for a car in the super sports car market is part of the experience, or it certainly has been in the past, but I think with the new-generation of younger buyers, it can be very different because they really don’t place a lot of importance on the heritage of a brand like ours.

“They are more likely to ask, ‘what is the coolest brand and I want it now’, which means in certain markets our dealers will need to understand their markets, and spec certain cars to cater for what could be more of an impulsive purchase by some buyers,” he concluded.

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Lamborghini 2018

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