Ferrari Builds A Second SP3JC

Ferrari Builds A Second SP3JC

Italian auto manufacturer Ferrari are known globally for producing powerful, fast and extremely attractive exotic vehicles. However good Ferrari may be at producing jaw dropping exotic vehicles, it is Ferrari’s “Special Projects Division” that take normal Ferrari road cars and turn them into something extremely special, and rare of course. As a result, Ferrari Special Projects Division have produced their fair share of one-off models over the years, these include the Ferrari SP1, SP12 EC and Speciale MM just to mention three. As one would expect, all of these vehicles were commissioned by and built for some of Ferrari’s best clients and as a result, they are all one-off vehicles.

Late last year Ferrari unveiled the latest one-off creation to be completed by Ferrari Special Projects Division, and it left us all absolutely speechless, and it’s not exactly hard to see or understand why. Known as the Ferrari SP3JC, this absolutely stunning vehicle was commissioned by John Collins who is the chairman of Ferrari dealership Talacrest in Berkshire, United Kingdom. Mr Collin’s beautiful Ferrari SP3JC was unveiled wearing an Azzuro Met and Giallo Modena livery over a Bianco Italia exterior paint finish. We all initially thought that this handcrafted Ferrari SP3JC would be the only one ever to be built but we were wrong.

Recently pictures of a second Ferrari SP3JC surfaced on Social Media, and as expected these pictures not only took us by surprise but the entire automotive universe too. The Ferrari SP3JC in question seems to feature a unique matte silver exterior paint finish with red accents. Now, I know what you are thinking, could this be the original Ferrari SP3JC that featured the Azzuro Met and Giallo Modena livery? We can confirm that this is not the case, as the SP3JC in question is left hand drive and it features the number “7” on it’s doors and front end instead of the number “3” like the original car which was unveiled in November last year.

As expected, the Ferrari SP3JC in question features the exact same interior as the original vehicle. However, the owner of this particular SP3JC has chosen a combination of red and black leather which dominates the interior including the seats and dashboard. We can also see from the images provided to us, that the interior also features red contrast stitching and white stripes which run down the middle of the seats. Of course the end result looks absolutely fantastic, if not better than the blue and white leather interior of the first (original) Ferrari SP3JC.

If you are wondering what is so special about the Ferrari SP3JC, let me fill you in. The Ferrari SP3JC features a uniquely styled, handcrafted speedster-style body with an entirely new front fascia which is unique to this vehicle. However, the SP3JC’s headlights seem to resemble those of the F12 Berlinetta rather than those of Ferrari’s current flagship model, the 812 Superfast. This all makes sense as the one-off, handcrafted SP3JC is surprisingly based on the F12 TdF rather than the new Ferrari 812 Superfast. Move around to the rear of this one-off Ferrari and you will find a long list of unique elements, these include a set of carbon fiber hoops, a brushed aluminium external fuel filler cap, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, quad tailpipes and a new, bespoke set of taillights.

Powering this unique Ferrari is the same 6.3-litre, naturally aspirated V12 engine which can be found in the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the more hardcore, more powerful Ferrari F12 TdF. Unfortunately Ferrari have not provided us with the exact performance figures for the SP3JC yet, however we can expect at least 769hp (574 kW) of power and 705 Nm of torque, which is the exact same performance figures as that of the Ferrari F12 TdF. Unfortunately, Ferrari still haven’t mentioned the overall top speed of this bespoke Ferrari speedster, but we can expect a top speed of at least 346 km/h (215 mph).

Unfortunately, Ferrari or the lucky new owners of these SP3JC’s have not mentioned how much these custom built Ferrari’s cost to create, however we are certain that it wasn’t cheap. We can however confirm that each vehicle took around two years to build and if these bespoke Ferrari’s ever had to be listed for sale sometime in the future, the owners will no doubt make a large profit as vehicle’s like these don’t decrease in value, they only increase in value.

As far as special edition Ferrari’s are concerned, the handcrafted SP3JC is definitely one of the best looking to ever roll out of the skunk works of Ferrari Special Projects Division in Modena, Italy. As expected more information regarding this particular Ferrari SP3JC is bound to be made available in the near future. Until then I will say the following, these Ferrari SP3JC’s are  not just a treat to their lucky owners but they are also a treat to Ferrari fans (Tifosi) and the global automotive community too.

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