Alfa Romeo Nivola – The Perfect Tribute To An Alfa Romeo Icon

Italian auto manufacturer Alfa Romeo unveiled their mid-engined, lightweight, rear-wheel drive sportscar, the 4C at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Production of the Alfa Romeo 4C began in May, 2013 at the Maserati assembly plant in Modena, Italy and at the start of the 4C’s production, Alfa Romeo estimated that they would produce around 2,500 4C’s every year depending on the quantity of carbon fiber chassis that could be provided by suppliers. Despite having very high hopes for the Alfa Romeo 4C, the lightweight sportscar hasn’t been the success story that Alfa Romeo wanted and many petrolheadspredicted, sad isn’t it?

However, despite the Alfa Romeo 4C being something of a flop it hasn’t deterred one designer from using the Alfa Romeo 4C as a base for a rather spectacular looking, custom built vehicle. This is it, what you are looking at ladies and gentlemen is the Alfa Romeo Nivola Concept and it looks brilliant doesn’t it? The beautiful Alfa Romeo Nivola Concept is the work of design house Ugur Sahin Design. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Ugur Sahin Design are not that well known when compared to other design houses, but they are responsible for creating some truly magnificent projects over the years.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the gorgeous Alfa Romeo Nivola Concept is based on an Alfa Romeo 4C. However, the Nivola Concept is heavily inspired by the Alfa Romeo Stradale33 which was originally designed by Franco Scaglione in 1967. According to designer Ugur Sahin, the idea of creating this Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 homage came to him last year when he witnessed the original 1967 Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 win the ‘Best Of Show’ award at Pebble Beach. Once Sahin had decided to go ahead with the project, he then needed a name for it. As a result he settled on the name ‘Nivola’, which has some historic significance to it, as ‘Nivola’ was the nickname of legendary racing driver Tazio Nuvolari.

As the Alfa Romeo 4C is an incredibly lightweight vehicle, it has excellent handling characteristics. As a result, a factory standard Alfa Romeo 4C platform and running gear was used as the base for the Nivola Concept, however this did create quite a few challenges though, as designer Ugur Sahin explains “The proportions and hard points of the 4C chassis are quite different to the original Alfa Stradale 33. In order to get closer to the proportions of the Stradale 33, the rear of the car was extended in length in order to create sleek rear fenders that extend all the way back to the edge of the rear end.”

Of course Ugur Sahin Design has also given the Alfa Romeo Nivola Concept a spectacular custom built body. As mentioned earlier in this article, the custom built body pays homage to the original 1967 Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 and although it does keep some design elements from the more modern Alfa Romeo 4C, Ugur Sahin Design has managed to perfectly fuse both designs together, creating an absolutely stunning vehicle in the process.
As you can see from the images featured in this article, the finished product looks perfectly proportioned, and since the Nivola Concept makes use of an existing Alfa Romeo chassis, a limited production run for the Nivola Concept could materialise sometime in the future.

However, if the Alfa Romeo Nivola does make limited production, the production spec Alfa Romeo Nivola is believed to feature either carbon fiber or aluminium body panels. Unfortunately at the time of writing this article, Ugur SahinDesign had not provided us with any official word on what powers the Alfa Romeo Nivola or any official performance figures. However, assuming that the Alfa Romeo NivolaConcept is powered by the 4C’s 1.7 litre, turbocharged, inline-four cylinder engine, we can expect at least 237 hp (177 kW) and 350 Nm of torque.

If the Alfa Romeo Nivola retains the Alfa Romeo 4C’s engine, is it wrong to assume that Ugur Sahin Design may keep the 4C’s transmission too? If this is the case, then the 1.7 litre, turbocharged, inline-four cylinder engine will no doubt be paired to the 4C’s 6-speed Alfa TCT Dual Dry Clutch Transmission, which can be operated via shift paddles on the steering wheel. The Alfa TCT Dual Dry Clutch Transmission is more than likely to send the engine’s power directly to the rear wheels. As a result, we can expect the Nivola to sprint from 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and on to an overall top speed of 258 km/h (160 mph).

Of course, the Alfa Romeo Nivola is just a concept at this stage. Therefore the information contained in this article is pure speculation and has not been confirmed by Ugur Sahin Design. Unfortunately, we will just have to wait and see what UgurSahin Design has in store for us at the end of the day. As expected, there is no word on price but I think it is safe to say that if the Alfa Romeo Nivola makes production, it won’t come cheap. Hopefully this gorgeous concept will make production soon because what the world needs now is not love, but more spectacular looking Alfa Romeo’s, just like the Nivola.

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