Lancia Lives On

Lancia Lives On As FCA Plots New Ypsilon

According to reports in Italy it seems FCA is considering plans to build a new Lancia Ypsilon. Although now only available in it’s home country of Italy, the small Ypsilon is the countries second best selling car behind the Panda, as well as the best selling car in its sector (B sector), as such FCA still believes in the Lancia brand and is currently investigating an all new Ypsilon.

The New Lancia Ypsilon may however be produced at FCA’s factory in Poland, it is believed the facility could be best for a new model. Those in the know higher up in FCA believe a new Ypsilon would be better for Lancia rather than risk developing a different model car that might struggle to sell, indeed the sales figures in Italy suggest the Ypsilon is still much sought after and a new version would also be cheaper than the creation of a new Lancia.

It might not be the news that Lancia fans really want to hear, especially those who long for a return of the likes of the Delta but if the rumours are right it is good news that Lancia is to continue and who knows what the future might bring, we might just see Lancia back across Europe one day…

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