Fiat Has Christmas Wrapped Up!

It’s a wrap! Fiat comes to the aid of last-minute present buyers with free emergency Christmas Eve gift wrap supplies.

We’ve all been there. The carrot is out for Rudolph and you’re ready to ‘help’ Santa finish his glass of sherry, the fire’s roaring, the tree’s all lit and the children are FINALLY upstairs in bed. Now to wrap those last few presents…

But wait! There’s no gift wrap left, you can’t find the scissors, the roll of sticky tape has just run out, and during the night-time on Christmas Eve the shops are all closed. You’ve nowhere left to turn…

Fear not. Rather than give your family their gifts wrapped in newspaper and gaffer tape on Christmas morning, there’s one last emergency provider you can call upon.

This year, Fiat will be deploying a fleet of four ‘little helper’ 500s across Zones 1 and 2 in central London, with each Christmassy car bedecked with all the last-minute essentials.

Members of the public will be able to call on the free 500 Little Helper service via the hashtag #WrappedbyFiat on Twitter and Instagram, and Fiat will despatch a crack team of gift-wrap-wielding helper elves directly to their door. And if they’re fine for wrapping paper but that annoying roll of tape runs out with three gifts left to do, our little helpers will be straight over with some more, along with scissors and some Fiat 500 gift tags if they need them.

Andrea Lo Presti, Fiat Marketing Director, said:“The Fiat 500 is a car that spreads cheer and happiness everywhere it goes, so it’s fitting that it should be there for you to ensure your Christmas celebrations go without a glitch. With family stress levels reaching their peak on Christmas Eve, gift givers can relax in the knowledge that if they run out of essential supplies, a response team of little helpers is only a hashtag away.”

To benefit from the free emergency gift wrap service, those who find themselves wrapped up in a crisis simply need to turn to social media, using the hashtag #WrappedbyFiat, and state ‘Help me!’ on Twitter or Instagram, giving their postcode.

Fiat crack team of response elves will be monitoring the social media channels at Christmas Gift Wrap Command Centre, where they’ll co-ordinate the entire operation and plot the best routes – taking into account various factors such as traffic, accessibility and availability – to come to the rescue of as many people in Zones 1 and 2 as they can with their emergency supplies.

It’s one less thing for Christmas wrappers to worry about, and yet another example of how the clever and versatile Fiat 500 spreads happiness to those around it.

Merry Christmas from Fiat. #WrappedbyFiat

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