Ferrari 488 Successor On Way

Whilst many people are getting excited for Christmas others are getting eagerly excited about a motor show next March.

There is good reason for this, as according to certain sources, at the Geneva Motor show next March we could see the successor to the Ferrari 488, in fact we might see more than one.

Whilst rumours have been abound regarding a V6 hybrid model as well as a new V8 twin turbo variant, it is becoming clear Ferrari could be set to offer more than one variation of the 488’s replacement.

“Any talk of hybrid, V6, upgrade or entirely new car is simply conjecture. All dealer knows is that 488 replacements that’s plural according to email will be shown in March,” that’s what a user that goes by the name of jim g claims after emailing a Ferrari dealer.

Ferrari hybrids have certainly been filling the rumour pages on the internet with several sightings of ‘silent’ Ferrari’s caught on test in recent months. Either way we could find out as early as March what the Maranello outfit has planned.

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