Do You Remember Your First?

Everybody did it and most of us can remember the first time…When you bought a car and decided you wanted to know all about it & get your hands messy so off you went to the local car shop and bought your first Haynes Manual.

With informative easy pictures and diagrams you set to work on your pride and joy believing you could fix anything that would break on it! Mine was for a 1979 Mini Clubman which had more things breaking on it than a Lego kit in the hands of a toddler, but the Haynes book helped me fix a few things & those I couldn’t then that became a task for my brother who was a bit more ‘hands on than me’.

Now we have the internet and YouTube, if you have a problem then you can find somebody who can offer some advice, usually backed up by a video showing you how to do it, or can they? Recently  – purely for research, although in some cases comedic effect(!) – I have been viewing some of these forums and videos to find really they either haven’t got a clue and it’s guess work or the vid is shot poorly you can’t really tell what they think they are doing.

In essence I think it’s safe to say much like there is still a lot of joy in reading a book – those things made from paper and ink for the younger generation – the Haynes Manual is still king, if you intend to work on your car or just want to know what you might have to do should a strange noise start to appear from somewhere then the Haynes is the way to go, now if you’ll excuse me I’m just off to look at some pictures…erm diagrams…

What was your first Haynes Manual? Discuss…


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