Cars Still Rule At Christmas

So the big day has been and gone, all that planning, shopping, making sure your child has the toy they really want from Father Christmas and getting on with the in-laws. Yes Christmas Day is over, now to chill out, well kind of.

If you have a young child in your family then the chances are your work has yet to begin as parents across the land hear the wail of ‘can you build this’ and ‘put this together’ as out of those boxes that lite up your child’s eyes on Christmas Day comes a selection of parts to make up toy houses, zoo’s, space stations and who knows what. As they reach for another chocolate bar Santa left them and you wonder if it’s man enough to actually read the instructions before you commence the construction work.

Of course it’s not really that bad, slotting the parts together, adding 1000’s of stickers (you wonder why they couldn’t do it in the factory!), after a short time and countless ‘No that doesn’t go there’ you can sit back and admire your handy work. Your loved one gets to grips with playing.

It’s all a good thing, in this technological age where pleasure is gleamed from smartphones, tablets and so on. Kids still want to play, this is brilliant. Children should play and in my house it’s no surprise it is Cars, not all Italian I add, my 7 year old loves Disney’s Cars. This Christmas saw more additions to his collection including the Cars 3 Speedway and he loves it (I might have given it a little test run too?!). He also got a new tablet but so far that has been largely untouched. He’s on his hands and knees as children should be, playing. The sounds might not be remaninscent of a screaming V8 and yes these Cars talk to each other, it is awesome to see kids still love what I did a long time ago, playing with toys, in this case, creating adventures including race days with cars.

That is pretty cool and if you ask them nicely they might even let you have a go…just to make sure it works ok of course!

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