Alfa Romeo Freccia: An Alfa Romeo Montreal Inspired Crossover

Alfa Romeo Freccia - Montreal Crossover Concept

Just about every auto manufacturer we know of designs and sometimes builds futuristic concept cars. Ninety-nine percent of the time, these vehicles are built by an auto manufacturer for PR purposes which mainly consist of appearances at large international motor shows and also to give the automotive world some type of idea of what a particular brand has planned for the future. However good a futuristic concept car may look and if it ever makes production, unfortunately the actual finished product usually looks nothing like the concept which it is supposed to be based on, which is a bitter disappointment for the entire petrolhead community.

However, recently I have been hearing about a series of retro-inspired concept cars that have broken cover. What is a retro-inspired concept car? Well, it is exactly what the name suggests, a futuristic concept car that has been heavily inspired by a model of yesteryear, often a classic. Retro-inspired concept cars have been all the rage recently, especially since Japanese auto manufacturer Honda announced that their Urban EV Concept will make production. However, this article is not about Honda and their Urban EV Concept, instead it is about the latest retro-inspired concept car to show up on my radar and I have a few pictures and some information regarding it.

This is it, what you are looking at is a futuristic retro-inspired concept car with a little bit of Italian flair. Known as the Alfa Romeo Freccia, this extremely good looking retro-inspired two-door crossover concept car is the work of designer Dongman Joo. Just like other retro-inspired concept cars, the Alfa Rome Freccia was inspired by an Alfa Romeo of yesteryear, take a closer look and see if you can guess the Alfa Romeo which inspired designer Dongman Joo to create the Freccia. Okay, I will come straight out with the answer. Designer Dongman Joo took inspiration from the Alfa Romeo Montreal, do you remember the Montreal?

The Alfa Romeo Montreal was a two-door sports car which was produced by Alfa Romeo from 1970 – 1977. The now iconic Alfa Romeo Montreal made it’s public debut in concept form at the Expo 67 which was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1967. Now I know what you are thinking, how does the Alfa Romeo Freccia relate to the iconic Montreal? Well, instead of directly replicating the original design of the Montreal and modernizing it by adding a few modern day touches, designer Dongman Joo decided to take certain shapes and styling elements from the classic Alfa Romeo Montreal and craftthem onto a crossover type vehicle and it all comes together well to create an even more eye-catching look.

Staying true to Alfa Romeo style, the front end of the Freccia Concept has a triangular radiator grille that will no doubt be very familiar to Alfa Romeo fans everywhere. In order to keep the front end design of the Alfa Romeo Freccia Concept clean and simple, designer Dongman Joo has not added any additional air intakes into the front fascia. To give the Alfa Romeo Freccia that true Concept car look, designer Dongman Joo has also eliminated the traditional headlights and he has instead replaced them with thin slits that seem to stretch out from the triangular radiator grille towards the front wheel arches. Of course, the thin-slit headlights would not comply with safety regulations in most countries, but I guess that is the joy of designing a vehicle that doesn’t have to comply with these strict regulations.

When viewed from the side, the Alfa Romeo Freccia is particularly intriguing, especially the attention grabbing wheels which seem to incorporate three thick curvaceous and sharp spokes each. From what I can see by looking at the images which have been provided, there seems to be no visible side windows, however there are gaps in the bodywork that allow for a pair of very large doors and if you towards the C-pillars, you will no doubt notice a series of sharp fins cut which spring from the bodywork. These cut-outs should be familiar to Alfa Romeo fans and fans/owners of the classic Alfa Romeo Montreal. Why? Well, these cut-outs were inspired by the C-pillar vents which featured on the Alfa Romeo Montreal, obviously.

Unfortunately, the Alfa Romeo Freccia is just a few drawings at this stage and as a result there is no word on what would power this incredible vehicle if it had to be built or even make production. Because the Alfa Romeo Freccia looks like a vehicle from 2045, it will no doubt be powered by an electric motor. Now, personally I would love to see the Alfa Romeo Freccia get built, I know it won’t make production anytime soon but just seeing such a futuristic vehicle in current times will be a fantastic experience by itself and if future vehicles look half as good the Alfa Romeo Freccia, then I hope I will be around for the next 60 – 70 years.

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