Tatiana Calderón completes testing for the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team at Fiorano

Tatiana Calderón successfully concluded her testing at Fiorano Circuit, putting in over 590 kilometres in the Sauber C32-Ferrari throughout the weekend

DAY 1:

The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team Test Driver, Tatiana Calderón, has successfully completed her first day of testing at Fiorano. It is the first time that the Colombian racer drove on this circuit, discovering the power of the Sauber C32-Ferrari just shortly after making her debut behind the wheel of a Formula One car last month.

Calderón continued her learning process and put in a strong performance, improving lap after lap. She completed a total of 90 laps – the equivalent of 265 kilometres – throughout the day, running on Pirelli’s running promotional tyres. The fastest lap was set at 00:59.913.

A second day of testing will be completed tomorrow.

Fiorano Circuit / 2.945 km
Driver: Tatiana Calderón
Weather: cloudy and dry; air 7° – 10°C, track 9° – 11°C
Chassis / engine: Sauber C32 / Ferrari
Laps: 90 laps, 265.050 km
Fastest lap: 00:59.913 (running promotional tyres, Pirelli)

Calderón, Test Driver:
“It was a really great first experience driving in Fiorano. The track is interesting, and the atmosphere is special. The air and track temperatures were quite low today, but consistent. Our target was for me to learn the track and find a good balance for the car, which we achieved. Driving the Sauber C32-Ferrari feels incredible, and the sound and power of the V8 engine are amazing. Tomorrow we will work on simulating some qualifying and race laps in the afternoon, which I look forward to very much.”

DAY 2:

The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team is delighted to announce that Tatiana Calderón has successfully concluded her second day of testing behind the wheel of the Sauber C32 powered by a Ferrari V8 engine at Fiorano.

Building on the progress made yesterday, the Colombian Test Driver – also part of the Escuderia Telmex – focused on qualifying and race simulations today, delivering an excellent performance. She put in consistent lap times while demonstrating dedication and endurance.

In total, she completed 202 laps – the equivalent of 594.890 kilometres – over the course of the two-day test.

The overall fastest lap time was set at 00:58.802.

Circuit: Fiorano Circuit / 2.945 km
Driver: Tatiana Calderón

Weather: cloudy/sunny and dry; air 4° – 8°C, track 7° – 11°C

Chassis / engine: Sauber C32 / Ferrari
Laps: 112 laps, 329.840 km
Fastest lap: 00:58.802 (running promotional tyres, Pirelli) 

Tatiana Calderón, Test Driver:
“It was another interesting day of testing. We focused on qualifying simulations in the morning, and long-runs in the afternoon. Overall, the past two days have been very beneficial to my development and I have gained valuable experience. The team did a great job in the preparation as well as the implementation of my programme and I felt comfortable in the car as well as on the track. I look forward to putting what I have learned to practice.”


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