Socks Stink At Christmas Try A Supercar Instead

The thrill of driving a supercar around a race track can cost the same as a gift set of socks as https://bit.ly/2r5GAhk urges Brits to move away from traditional Christmas presents.

Yet the price of a supercar driving experience, which start from just £34 and are available at multiple locations, closely matches many of the UK’s favourite gifts, including knitted jumpers and luxury soap!

And staggering as it sounds, it is estimated that Brits spend almost £20 billion on Christmas presents, which equates to more than 500 million supercar driving experiences.

Christmas Day can be strange in a way “You can almost hear the sighs of disappointment across the UK as countless people unwrap their Christmas presents only to find the predictable pair of socks or knitted jumper.”

“Compare this to receiving a supercar driving experience on a race track, which can cost about the same. The thrill of driving on the circuit is only part of the enjoyment as there’s also the anticipation beforehand and the memories afterwards.”

Other traditional festive favourites include scented candles and hampers….both of which have a price comparable driving experience including an Ferrari Blast or a supercar treble taster.

“Christmas is a time for giving, but this year try something that is not traditional and that the recipient will actually want!”

For more information about TrackDays, which offers a huge variety of driving experiences at race circuits around the UK, visit https://bit.ly/2r5GAhk

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