Lamborghini Success At Vallelunga

Catching up with the Lamborghini World Final at Vallelunga

Lamborghini World Final kicks off at Vallelunga and proclaims first winners:

The sixth edition of the Lamborghini World Final kicked off over the weekend at Vallelunga and proclaimed the first four winners. All the best protagonists of the one-make series for the cars of the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese came back into action on the Roman track that until yesterday hosted the final round of the three continental series. In the PRO class, the victory went to the Asian crew of the Clazzio Racing team formed by Kei Cozzolino and Afiq Yazid. Loris Spinelli and JC Perez (P1 Motorsport) won in the PRO-AM class, after taking the European and North American titles. Ryan Hardwick and Justin Price (Dream Racing Motorsport) respectively won in the AM and Lamborghini Cup categories.
The race for the PRO and PRO-AM classes was animated, with the new European champion Giacomo Altoè (Antonelli Motorsport) starting from pole and maintaining the leading position until the pit-stops. An irregularity in the pit stops, however, resulted in a drive-thru to his teammate Daniel Zampieri, who also received a 20-second penalty for overtaking under yellow flags. Kelvin Snoeks, who had taken over from James Pull (Bonaldi Motorsport), was also given a drive-thru penalty followed by a black flag. In this alternation of unespected events, Kei Cozzolino and  Afiq Yaziq (Clazzio Racing) took the victory. The second place went to the Leipert Motorsport crew formed by Ben Gersekowski and Richard Muscat, who finished ahead of their teammates Niels Lagrange and Frederik Schandorff.
In PRO-AM category, JC Perez and Loris Spinelli took another win. The duo of P1 Motorsport started in the best way. Immediately behind, Lorenzo Bontempelli and Emanuele Zonzini, after an initial contact managed to move up second with the car of the Iron Lynx team and finished ahead of the Finns Mikko Eskelinen and Juuso Puhakka (Leipert Motorsport).  Andrej Lewandowski, who had taken over the VS Racing car from Edoardo Liberati (the fastest PRO-AM driver in Q1), was put out of the race by another contact.
Dream Racing Motorsport scored two class wins in Race 1 for AM and Lamborghini Cup drivers. Manuel Lauck, author of the pole position, took the lead during his first driving stint. The German driver of the Dörr Motorsport team, who then gave the wheel to Florian Scholze, set an excellent pace. The latter driver kept the lead until two laps from the end, when he was overtaken by Ryan Hardwick at the Roma curve. This move enabled the American to take the win. Raffaele Giannoni, second in qualifying with a car of Automobile Tricolore, lost a position after the pit-stops and finished third. Christopher Brück (Konrad Motorsport) was forced to retire while he was in fourth position. Davide Roda (Antonelli Motorsport) made a good comeback and from the eighth position he came close to the top three, fighting in the final stages with Canadian Damon Ockey (US Race Tronics), who completed the “top 5”.
In the Lamborghini Cup, the victory went to Justin Price. Behind him was Frenchman Joseph Collado (AGS Events), with the European champion Gerard Van der Horst, who finished third. Poor luck for the other American Brett Meredith (P1 Motorsport), who had set the best lap time in Q1 and was leading the race until two laps from the end, when he had to stop.
Kei Cozzolino/Clazzio Racing (1st PRO): “It was a great race. At the start, I tried to overtake Altoè, but I was in the dirty part of the track, therefore I had to give up and stayed behind for a long time. Maybe, we also had a better pace and in the end Yazid did a great job, bringing home this victory”.
Loris Spinelli/P1 Motorsport (1st PRO-AM): “I made an excellent start. I was very careful also because Liberati was pushing behind me. Then, during the driver change, we lost 5 seconds and Perez came back to the track in second position. I’m happy with this class win and we’re now waiting for the second race tomorrow”.
Ryan Hardwick/Dream Racing Motorsport (1st AM): “I’m really happy. I knew I could do it. My team gave me a great car all year long. Yesterday, we won the North American Championship. Today, I gave all that I had to achieve this victory”.
Justin Price/Dream Racing Motorsport (1st Lamborghini Cup): “I couldn’t be more excited. I took my first win ever in a World Final. This is my first season in car racing and the first time here in Vallelunga.”

Great success for the Lamborghini World Final at Vallelunga:

Lamborghini held a great celebration at Vallelunga. On the Roman circuit, the 2018 season came to an end with the sixth edition of the  World Final. With an exciting final sprint, Giacomo Altoè and Daniel Zampieri became world champions in the PRO class, with the Antonelli Motorsport team. Altoé won his second title after the one taken in the European series last Friday; the third one with a Lamborghini in less than a month, since he was also crowned Italian Gran Turismo champion with Zampieri with a Huracán GT3 of Antonelli Motorsport. In the PRO-AM, Juan Perez and Loris Spinelli won three titles and became European and North American champions with P1 Motorsport. Ryan Hardwick (Dream Racing Motorsport) recorded a double triumph: he conquered the AM title after being crowned champion in the same class in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America. Lastly, in the Lamborghini Cup, the Frenchman of AGS Events, Joseph Collado, won his first title.
Thanks to a perfect race conduct, Daniel Zampieri and Giacomo Altoè won Race 2 and secured the PRO title. The former took the lead after starting alongside the poleman Dennis Lind and remained ahead of everyone until the pit-stops, after a safety car period in the first part of the race. On the other hand,  Altoè never lost his concentration and kept the leading position until the end. After winning Race 1 on Saturday, Kei Cozzolino and Afiq Yazid (Clazzio Racing) were instead excluded from the “top 10”. Also decisive was the penalty for an irregularity in the starting phase inflicted on the Leipert Motorsport crew formed by Niels Lagrange and Frederik Schandorff, who were deprived of a valuable third place. The last overall podium of the season was completed by James Pull and Kelvin Snoeks (Bonaldi Motorsport), who finished second, and the champions of the Asian series Andrea Amici and Artur Janosz (FFF Racing Team by ACM).
Only one point allowed JC Perez and Loris Spinelli to take the PRO-AM title. The P1 Motorsport duo, who won Race 1 on Saturday, only needed to finish third behind the winners Dennis Lind and Simon Larsson (Target Racing) and the Iron Lynx pair composed by Emanuele Zonzini and Lorenzo Bontempelli, who finished second.
It was a triumphant weekend for Ryan Hardwick at Vallelunga. The Dream Racing Motorsport driver, who gained his first experience in the Corso Pilota Lamborghini, won the title in the AM class, after being crowned champion in the North American series in the same class. With the same score as the Dörr Motorsport crew made up of Manuel Lauck and Florian Scholze (authors of two second places), his victory in Race 1 on Saturday was decisive. In Race 2, held this morning, Damon Ockey started from the pole position. The Canadian of US RaceTronics kept the first position until the pit-stops, returning to the track still in the lead and remaining there until the finish line, despite two safety car periods. Joining Lauck and Scholze on the podium was Hardwick, third ahead of Davide Roda (Antonelli Motorsport) and the PPM pair formed by Shea Holbrook and Martin Barkey.
Joseph Collado, already standing out in the European series, won the Lamborghini Cup race and title today. The Frenchman of  AGS Events, after taking second place on Saturday, took advantage of the penalty imposed on the American Brett Meredith. The P1 Motorsport driver, who had taken the lead, had to pay a 30-second penalty for not respecting  the minimum pit-stop time. The second place went to the pair formed by Daijiro Yoshihara, the fastest driver in his class in Q2, and Takamichi Matsuda (YH Racing Team). Gabriele Murroni, third in the GDL Racing car, also took the podium. After winning Race 1, Justin Price only finished fifth, as he was slowed down when his car spun in the early laps.
The seventh edition of the Lamborghini World Final will take place on the Spanish circuit of Jerez de La Frontera on October 24-27, 2019.
Giacomo Altoè/Antonelli Motorsport (PRO champion with Daniel Zampieri): “It has been a very special year. I really have no words to express my happiness. Today, I only focused on finishing the race ahead of everyone. I want to thank the Antonelli Motorsport team and Daniele [Zampieri], who have always given me valuable advice”.
Loris Spinelli/P1 Motorsport (PRO-AM champion  with Juan Perez): “During the second “stint”, I always tried to gain positions, pushing as hard as I could, even if my car had been damaged by a contact in the early laps. I’m very excited, because I really wanted to get this title”.
Ryan Hardwick/Dream Racing Motorsport (AM champion): “It was a perfect weekend. Today’s race proved to be a very hard-fought one. Lauck and Scholze were extremely fast. But I know I had to focus on finishing third and that was what I did “.
Joseph Collado/AGS Events (Lamborghini Cup champion): “I was a little behind in qualifying. But both races had a different outcome. Today, I did an excellent start, I immediately gained several positions and always had a very fast pace that allowed me to take this victory.”

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