Lamborghini Countach Rendered For New Generation

Modern Day Take On The Iconic Lamborghini Countach Gets Rendered

Italian supercars of the 1970’s and to a certain extent the 1980’s were an excellent choice when it came to bedroom wall posters. Their exotic yet unusual designs were enough to make any petrolhead drool and think of what it would be like to drive or even own one of these vehicles. Two Italian exotic’s that instantly come to mind when I think of bedroom wall posters are both Lamborghini’s, they are the Miura and of course the legendary Countach.

The Lamborghini Countach LP500 Prototype was introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show all the way back in 1971, with production of the actual finished road car beginning three years later in 1974. The Lamborghini Countach had a production life of sixteen long years, from 1974 – 1990. In that period Lamborghini produced just 2,049 examples and as a result, the legendary Countach is quite a sought after and highly desirable vehicle today. The iconic “Italian wedge” design was just one of the many reasons why the Countach was such a popular choice amongst supercar buyers back in the day, and it’s not hard to see why.

However good the original Lamborghini Countach was, it is still a vehicle of yesteryear and nothing can change that, or have I spoken too soon? It seems I have because recently designer Jimmy Nahlous has envisioned a modern day take on this iconic machine in a series of highly detailed renderings, and the end result is absolutely jaw dropping.

Paying homage to multiple different variants of the now legendary Lamborghini Countach, these renderings show what a modern day Countach could look like. Designer Jimmy Nahloushas has done an excellent job combining styling elements from the original Countach, such as the iconic “Italian wedge” design with styling elements from the LP500 Prototipo and the rare LP400 Periscopio to create a truly stunning retro-inspired, yet modern day supercar.

By looking at these renderings, we can see that this modern day Lamborghini Countach features a front bumper and roof indentation which seems to have been heavily inspired by the LP500 Prototipo and that is not all, fans of the Lamborghini Countach will no doubt notice that the front and rear air intakes seem to be inspired by the Countach 25th Anniversary Edition of 1988. The gorgeous modern day tribute also seems to feature an engine cover which was created to pay tribute to the Countach LP400 and LP500 models. Of course we can’t forget those beautiful Campagnolo Bravo wheels either, which seem to have been inspired by the Countach LP400S. The retro-modern wheels measure 17-inches at the front and 18-inches at the rear and as a result they give the exterior of this modern day tribute that classic Italian exotic look which we all love so much.

Unfortunately, this absolutely stunning modern day tribute to the Lamborghini Countach is just a series of drawings at this stage. As a result, there is no information on what would power this vehicle if it ever had to make production. However, I suspect that when/if it makes production it will no doubt feature a Lamborghini powertrain of some sort. Because the original Lamborghini Countach was the Italian auto manufacturer’s flagship model at the time, it would only make sense to give this modern day tribute the engine from a Lamborghini flagship model of recent times, for example the Murcielago or even the Aventador.

We believe that these series of stunning renderings are more than just a design exercise and we also believe that the vehicle depicted in these renderings is proportionally based on the real road going Countach using laser scan data. According to the designer Jimmy Nahlous, he has copyrighted the design with the obvious exception of Lamborghini’s raging bull logo and he dreams of seeing this stunning modernized supercar come to life sometime in the future. However, turning these renderings into a real life supercar will only happen if Jimmy Nahlous can secure the help of an investor who would be willing to turn these renderings into an actual car.

According to designer Jimmy Nahlous, his father actually owned a Lamborghini Countach, but unfortunately it was lost during the Lebanese Civil War, which lasted from 1975 – 1990. As a result of his father’s Countach being lost, the designer and artist never had the opportunity to drive it, however he has had the chance to drive a series of other Countach models which no doubt fuelled his imagination even further to give this legendary Lamborghini a modern day facelift.

I personally hope that these renderings can be turned into a road going vehicle soon. Seeing this modern day take on the Lamborghini Countach and the recently rendered modern day take on the iconic Ferrari F40 driving side by side, would no doubt be like a scene straight out of petrolhead utopia.

Information Source: Jimmy Nahlous
Image Source: Jimmy Nahlous (@bboyjme via Instagram)

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