Is Charles The Answer?

As the curtain came down on Sunday on another Formula 1 season in which Lewis Hamilton seemed untouchable rising head and shoulders above the rest to clinch his 5th World Championship, already questions are being asked if Ferrari can possibly compete with Mercedes next season and if so how.

After a positive start to the season Scuderia Ferrari yet again fell short, with criticism raining heavily on Vettel and indeed the whole team, many Ferrari fans are already hailing Kimi Raikkonen’s replacement, highly rated you driver Charles LeClerc as the teams saviour for 2019. But the truth is he won’t be, he is talented, that there is no doubt but good enough to challenge for the title in 2019 no, not unless Ferrari sort out their act.

Ferraris problem is deeper than bringing in a new hungry driver, a change in management could be the solution but swift drastic changes can cause just as much damage as well, team moral, cooperation and so on. It needs to be done but methodically.

Going back to LeClerc, we have no idea how he might work alongside Vettel, it is clear he will be the Germans number 2, but as somebody who wants success he might not be too happy to just do as he’s told and play a role like Bottas has done to Hamilton on many an occasion. That said, coming through Ferraris academy, including winning the FIA F2 championship last year, Charles will have some idea of how things will run at Ferrari.

The Scuderia’s main problem is higher up the ladder than the drivers and until they get that right neither Charles nor Sebastian will be fighting for the F1 championship just yet.

What are your thoughts on Ferraris problems?

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