Hamilton To Ferrari ‘Never Say Never’

However unlikely it might appear, the recently crowned World Formula 1 champion has come out this week saying that he could never rule out the possibility of a move to Scuderia Ferrari.

The new five-time world champion said he is aiming to “get close” to beating Michael Schumacher and becoming the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. Hamilton admitted although it would be very difficult to imagine himself performing for another team apart from Mercedes for the remainder of his career, he won’t rule out a move to Ferrari, saying he would “never say never” to the switch.

Speculation mounted following Hamilton’s latest championship win that he could be tempted by a move to Ferrari in the future, and his latest comments show he does not want to completely dismiss the idea. “At the moment, it’s very very difficult to imagine, envisage myself anywhere else,” said Hamilton.

“This is my family, this is where I grew up but I said the same thing when I was at McLaren. “I think one of the reasons I wanted to move was to go somewhere else and see if you could do something special somewhere else.

Lewis added ‘Right now, I don’t feel like I need to go and be in another team to win a title in another team but you can never say never.”


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