Fiat Panda Is Back To Basics Fun

So yesterday I was a little fed up, you see our two week Alfa Romeo Giulia test car went back to our friends at FCA and it’s fair to say we were impressed, you’ll see what I mean in this weeks road test review…

As I left work last night and climbed into my daily commute I felt a little lost without the leather and modern comforts that a car like the Giulia offers.

You see at the moment my daily commute is a Fiat Panda, a car so back to basic it doesn’t have any of the modern gizmo’s, it doesn’t even have rear electric windows – although the children think it’s a fun thing to have wind down ones?! Not even a basic infotainment system, in fact I think it still has a CD player not automatic headlamps, side running lights or other fanciable things modern cars have. It just about has 5 doors, some wheels and an engine under the bonnet, so it is very much back to basic motoring.

And yet after being reacquainted with the little Panda i soon realised why I like it so much. It isn’t trying to be anything it’s not, it is as honest a car as you can get. With its little engine it moves along quite happy with the flow of traffic in rush hour and small enough to nip into spaces anything larger couldn’t comprehend darting into. It reminds me very much of my first Mini, when Mini’s where Mini’s not Mini BMW’s, almost like a skateboard with a body, and yes you might feel a bit like Mr Bean as you nip about in your pocket size car but the Panda has a real feel good factor about it few other small cars can match.

It’s true I will miss our Alfa test car but that said I am still smiling, as I drive along thanks to Panda Power…


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