Ferrari Dino Spied On Test

We have heard the rumours for a while that Ferrari is developing a new V6, that such a car will see the return of the Dino badge as well as being a hybrid seem’s an interesting mix. Now it seem’s a new video hints at this very news of the revival of the famous Dino badge with a corresponding V6 engine.

Ferrari recently talked about a new V6 engine development programme in it’s 2018-2022 plan saying it intends to electrify both members of a “two tier mid-rear engine product range” by 2021 however they stopped short of revealing much more information.

In the video it is difficult to get any more detail, being only 28 seconds long and filmed at night in Stuttgart Germany, although you can hear the Ferrari engine come to life as the test supercar changes lanes it doesn’t sound like a V8, fuelling speculation this could indeed by the V6 on test or are we simply being fooled by some exhaust tech, it is certainly difficult to tell.

Either way it is an interesting, if short video, giving us some indication of Ferrari’s new hybrid powertrain which could debut as early as next year.

Ferrari Dino 488 Hybrid

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