Behold – The Modern F40!

Modern Take On The Iconic Ferrari F40 Rendered

The Ferrari F40 is definitely one of the most legendary Ferrari models to ever roll off of the Maranello assembly line. When introduced all the way back in 1987, the Ferrari F40 was the world’s fastest production car and even when Ferrari ended production of the F40 in 1992, it was still the fastest, most powerful and most expensive Ferrari model up until that time.

The Ferrari F40 quickly became highly desirable and extremely sought after by Ferrari enthusiasts and petrolheads alike. This was simply because the Ferrari F40 was built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, it was also the very last Ferrari model that Enzo Ferrari himself had a part in developing, and it was the very last Ferrari model that was personally approved by Enzo Ferrari before his death in 1988.

Designed by Pininfarina, the now iconic design of the Ferrari F40 is a true reflection of its race car like performance, as a result the Ferrari F40 is one of the most recognizable Ferrari models today, thirty-one years after it was originally launched. The Ferrari F40 was also responsible for and inspired future Ferrari models, like the F50, Enzo (F60) and more recently, the hybrid LaFerrari (F70), so we have a lot to thank the legendary Ferrari F40 for.

Despite how good the original F40 looks, have you ever wondered what a modern day Ferrari F40 would look like if Ferrari had to begin producing this legendary supercar once again? We certainly have and luckily for us all, so has the rather large Ferrari F40 fan base. Amongst this huge group of Ferrari F40 fanatics is freelance designer Samir Sadikhov, who decided to set out and create a modern day version of the legendary Ferrari F40.

Luckily for us all, Samir Sadikhov has shared these renderings with the global petrolhead community, and they look absolutely stunning! This modern day take on the Ferrari F40 was a personal design project that aims to keep the spirit and soul of the original Ferrari F40 alive. As a result, Samir Sadikhov has incorporated design elements from the original F40 into Ferrari’s current design language.

The entire project was not completed in a few days or weeks, in fact Simir Sadikhov spent more than a year working on this incredible design and it shows by the amount of detail that has gone into these renderings. These renderings are so good, they could trick the most hardcore car enthusiasts into believing that this is an official Ferrari project.

Samir Sadikhov didn’t just focus all of his attention on the exterior, because he has also rendered an ultra modern interior for this magnificent Ferrari F40 Tribute. The renderings of the interior look just as good as those of the exterior. The interior features an airplane style steering wheel, red seats with racing harnesses and digital instruments. Overall, the interior is very clean and it’s pretty obvious that it has been heavily inspired by that of the original Ferrari F40.

Although there is no mention on what would power this modern day F40 if Ferrari had to put it into production, we can only speculate that it would feature a full electric powertrain or maybe even a hybrid powertrain, like the Ferrari LaFerrari(F70). Something that looks this good and wears the Ferrari badge will have to be fast too.

It makes me quite sad that this absolutely stunning F40 Tribute may never see the light of day. It captures the spirit and soul of the original F40 perfectly and for that reason alone we think it should be put into production. But there is a little bit of hope, maybe someday a billionaire somewhere will see these renderings and decide to give Ferrari or Pininfarina the task of bringing these renderings to life, anything is possible.

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