Vettel Declares Suzuka Circuit Favourite Ahead Of Important Japan GP

Japanese Grand Prix – “My favorite track”

Seb and Kimi ahead of the Japanese GP weekend


It has been only a few days since the last race in Sochi, so we hope that the track here suits us better and we can have a better weekend than in Russia. We have a strong car, but not a dominant one. There were races from our side where we weren’t close enough and where we didn’t have the pace the others had. However, during most of the races we have been close enough to have a good fight.
I’m very happy to be here and I love this track, it’s my favourite circuit in the world, so I just want to enjoy it and focus on the things that are working well for me. We made some progress with our car, but you never know where you are in comparison to the others; maybe they have done smaller steps or bigger steps, but I’m pretty sure, from speaking to all our engineers, that we are pretty much where we would like to be or where we wanted to be. Of course, you would always like to have more performance, but that’s the same for everyone. As for the weather, since it may be raining this weekend, I think we have nothing to worry about in wet conditions. The rain didn’t play into our hands but it won’t be like that forever, so I’m not afraid if it’s wet before Sunday.


The weather will play a big part over the weekend, for everybody. Hopefully we can have a clean practice session. A lot will depend on the weather conditions and how much we can run. When we have mixed conditions as we have today, you cannot really be 100 per cent sure that in an hour it is going to rain; so you need to try to get the best out of all the practice and see how it is. When it rains, it often makes things tricky; if it is too wet we cannot run, plus with rain tires we have certain limits in how many we are allocated, so we have to save some of them for qualifying and the race. Driving in the wet has probably not been our strongest point a while ago, but on a few occasions, recently, we have been pretty good. Also in the last race we were quite fast, but not as fast as we wanted to be. Hopefully here will be a different story. For sure it’s not going to be easy, we’ll wait and see what happens. We’ll do our best and try to be in the fight for both qualifying and the race.

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