Scuderia Ferrari: “We know what we have to do”

Seb and Kimi ahead of the Mexican weekend


“We are approaching this weekend well, we won the last race and for the team it was an important result after the last tough races. The mood is good after all, and we have made progress, moving forward, which is good for us.
This track is very unusual because of the altitude which makes the air thinner. The approach to this circuit is very simple and straightforward: everybody is trying to put as much downforce in the car as they can, so we’ll see what happens. For sure, we’ve been more competitive on straights this year than last year, so hopefully we’ll be the fastest this time too. Our primary focus is always on winning the next race, and I think we know what we have to do to stay in the fight. However, it clearly doesn’t depend only on us. We need to look ahead and I think it’s very important that we have started to understand what maybe didn’t work in previous races. So, I think it was necessary to step back to understand and look at these points, but the main thing is that we keep moving forward. Obviously, the last couple of days have been important and helped us to make things clearer”.


“Winning in Austin was good and that is something that I am bringing with me, but we have to look forward. We have been racing on this track layout since 2015. If we look at the past editions, we can see that every one of the three top teams has been up there at some point. So, the final result here can depend on many small things and that makes it pointless to start guessing as to who may have the upper hand this weekend. It can go either way. As for us, as a team, we can only guarantee that we will give our maximum and fight for the victory”

Mexico City, a very unique GP

Flight time is only a little over two hours, but it’s enough for a complete change of skyline, from the plains of Texas to a megalopolis that, seen from a plane, appears to stretch as far as the eye can see, with crazy traffic and policemen on point duty at every street corner. The city is surrounded by mountains, but it’s not immediately apparent, especially when the sun is beaming down, that one is at an altitude of over 2200 metres above sea level. That’s a whole two kilometres higher than Austin.

Altitude is a classic theme of the Mexican GP: it has always been the highest race in the world, with the lowest of course being Baku, which is located 28 metres below sea level. The rarified air, around 25% less dense, has a significant effect on aerodynamics. Normally, one runs maximum downforce at this track, but overall, it is still less than at Monza. The situation is a bit different for the engines, as the turbo can compensate for the less dense air and therefore reduce relative power loss.

Just like last week, the weather is expected to throw up some questions. Over the weekend, storms are forecast for almost every day. But it’s unlikely this will put off the fans, who have never failed to pack out the grandstands at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, ever since the race returned to the calendar.

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