Pagani – Not Asked For Electric Car Yet

Is this automotive world where every car maker seems to be in a race to convert their range of cars to electric amidst pressure from both governments and environmentalists to help save the planet, from city cars to supercars they all seem to be driving down electric avenue. Whilst this conversion is not an easy task, it is certainly easier for some than others.

For a car maker like Pagani, a company whose product run is limited it very much has to keep up with the rest of the Supercar class but surprisingly in a recent interview they have yet to be approached about making one,  “For a small company like ours, building an all-electric car is a major effort, especially when no customer has asked you yet,” explained Pagani at a recent event.

Despite this lack of interest from its customers, Pagani admits it is the way to go, “electricity is part of the range plan, development has already started. We have to do it, we need to go in that direction if we want to give our brand a future. We are working hard to design a machine that transmits emotions, because people, after having seen it, decide to buy it. “Even though, before the electron- powered car, Pagani will compete on a hybrid car (more electric endothermic engine): electrified mechanics it could be derived from the Mercedes.

So the roar of a V12 engine could soon be a thing of the past as one after another goes electric, however we have been told car makers are researching ways of ensuring their supercars still make the kind of sound we have come to love from them. Ferrari is the latest having recently patented an application device that amplifies the intake sounds that transmits intake sounds from each runner of the intake manifold to a device that passes it on to the cabin. This would allow the sound coming from the intake vibrate the membrane and then those vibration are transferred down a tube to the cabin where the intake sound is repeated.

Currently the existing systems have one spot on the intake manifold where a pipe connects. But Ferrari wants to connect a pipe to each individual intake runner, which would mean eight pipes coming out of a V8 engine going to a manifold box. That have a diaphragm on the end that would transmit the vibration to the tube going to the cabin.

The Future might  be electric but it might not be a quiet one after all.

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