Lamborghini Urus Is Aggresive TopCar

Lamborghini are by their very nature not a Supercar to shy away, mich like the bull on the badge you know its there and it has a real presence.

The Urus, the Italian car makers first SUV also has a real presence about it, make no mistake this is no rebodied Porsche Cayenne, the Urus is every bit the Lamborghini, it’s lines similar in design to both the Aventador and Huracan. With its already aggresive looks and performance figures to match its not surprising the aftermarket tuning companies have been dying to get their hands on one.

TopCar Design, a Russian based tuning specialist have done just that, taking those aggresive looks and tinkering them a bit they are offering lucky Lambo customers chunkier side skirts, bigger wheels (of course!), new spoilers, meaner-looking lower front end and multiple vent surround inserts. These carbon fibre parts all add up to give the not so shy Urus an even more aggresive look.

At the front the Urus gets a custom bonnet, featuring a military textured “camouflage” interior trimmed with carbon-Kelvar fiber. Finishing it off round the back this SUV gets the option of two different sets of exhaust tips: a quad setup with round tailpipes, or two enormous.

No word yet on any power upgrade to the 650-hp 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 under the Urus’s bonnet but we’re fairly certain some kind of tuning option will be available. As for price, well if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it…

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