Formula 1: Suzuka Built For The Drivers

Suzuka, the most popular track and the most copied

This weekend see’s the Formula 1 teams head to Suzuka in Japan, a circuit that many say is built for the drivers, ticking all the boxes, it is an amazing track to be behind the wheel of a formula 1 car and it’s certainly one of the best circuits out there.

Concerns about typhoon Trami, which unfortunately has caused serious damage in Japan, have now passed. The days leading up to the Grand Prix have been beautifully sunny, with temperatures reminiscent of late summer. But the forecast says more rain is on the way, in bursts that could last until just before qualifying on Saturday.

The Formula 1 team’s flew to Japan directly from Russia. It’s always exciting to see the Suzuka International Circuit come to life with each passing day, as the families bringing their children to enjoy the amusement park mingle closely with the Formula 1 fans, who are truly unique in terms of their passion and inventiveness.

Ask any Formula 1 driver to list their three favourite tracks, 99 percent of them will include this one, designed in 1962 by Dutchman John Hugenholz, as a test track for Honda. It’s actually a modular design, allowing for a variety of configurations and lengths according to the type of racing. The 5.807 kilometre-long Grand Prix layout is definitely the best known. A run of corners that follow one another without pausing for breath make up the double uphill “esses,” which have inspired more modern facilities such as Austin. There’s not much heavy braking, top speeds reach 330 Km/h, even if there are no long straights and overtaking is not easy, while the drivers can never stop working. It’s a track where finding a good rhythm and having good aero balance are the keys to success.

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