Fiat 500X – Farewell To Your Twenties

You know that feeling when you suddenly realise you have to grow up? When the time comes to no longer rely on the bank of mum & dad? Yes I can vaguely remember. Well it is this very train of thought that Fiat has developed their latest advert with Krow Communications.

Fitting maybe that you say goodbye to those wild twenty something years at a funeral (?!) When you have maybe outgrown your Fiat 500 but want something a bit more grown up but still fun.

Fiat brand communications manager Kate Barrett says: “The Fiat 500 brand has always been synonymous with stand-out style, but the new Fiat 500X also brings the space and technology young people are looking for when they move to the next stage of their adult lives.

“What Krow has created in ‘Farewell Twenties’ is a piece of insight-led content which demonstrates that growing up doesn’t have to mean growing ‘old’.”

This style of tongue in cheek advert certainly made us laugh, particular the reference to ex boyfriends, whether it will make people rush out to their nearest Fiat dealership remains to be seen but going off the success of the first generation 500X we think the sales figures should continue going up…


Fiat 500X Farewell To Your Twenties

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