Enjoy The NEW Lancia Stratos 550bhp

New 550bhp Lancia Stratos sounds awesome with Ferrari V8

Very few cars become Icons, some don’t have to cost the earth such as the Fiat 500, others such as the legendary Lancia Stratos seemed condemned to the history books. In truth it seems we may never see an official ‘Lancia’ Stratos but for those die hard fans – and those with big enough bank accounts – a modern incarnation is available, if only in a limited edition production run of just 25.

We featured the NEW Stratos developed and built by Manifattura Automobile Torino, back in February this year when news reached our desks that they had been licensed to create 25 examples – https://enzari.com/2018/02/lancia-stratos-is-back-kind-of/

The new Stratos begins life as a Ferrari F430 with that all important 550bhp V8 engine, then the chassis is modified to fit the profile of the supercar. The Pininfarina designed bodywork encases the shortened wheelbase and new engineering that goes into this car. Its interior is minimalistic but purposeful with a roll cage and space for racing helmets.

The fact buyers have to turn up with an existing Ferrari 430 Scuderia, itself which is sacrificed for the new car (a case of sacriliage?!) and an extra £490,000 to actually make it happen all seems a little crazy if not expensive, but judging by the footage released of the NEW Stratos letting rip on the dyno, it does sound pretty impressive with a really pure naturally aspirated scream as it approaches its rev limiter, so maybe if you have the means then why not but at the same time I would be checking the classifieds as an original Stratos could be had for half that price…

NEW LAncia Stratos Screams On The Rev Limiter

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