Baby SUV To Kick Start Maserati Electric Range

It’s been a few months now since FCA revealed their five year plan, mainly an electric timeline for its forthcoming vehicle range. Amongst all the facts and figures was the underlying fact that they see Maserati as the brand to take the fight to current electric leaders Tesla.

2019 will see the first of Maserati’s electric vehicles appear, starting with a ‘baby’ SUV, rumoured to be using the same Giorgio platform as the one which sister company Alfa Romeo uses for its Giulia and Stelvio models, the new entry level crossover will feature styling from its big brother the Levante, however unlike the Volvo XC90 the ‘baby’ Maserati SUV will be a strict five seater.

The new entry level Maserati SUV is expected to be rear-wheel drive with hybridized powertrains, with switchable AWD. This new model is expected towards the end of 2019.

Following on the from the smaller SUV will be the much anticipated replacement for the GranTurismo, the Alfieri when it will finally become’s reality in 2020, a convertible version is expected to follow 12 months later.

Maserati flagship GT the Alfieri will also be an EV, the three-motor, all-wheel-drive electric version will see the Italian marque go head to head with Tesla, with a rumoured 0-62mph of around 2 seconds.

We can also expect a new Ghibli within the next 3 years, the midsize executive saloon is also expected to feature EV capability as the brand continues its switch to plug in. As for the bigger Quattroporte no real news on when an electric version will be offered but going off Masereti’s plans for the rest of the range we should expect this in and around the time the Ghibli joins electric avenue.

Maserati Levante

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