Abarth Glows For Charity

The Abarth you see before you might look perfect for these dark evenings now the clocks have gone back, indeed maybe a road safety campaign could be used with this ‘Glow In The Dark’ pocket rocket. Actually this one off Abarth has recently just sold at auction with proceeds going to KWF Cancer Society, a nonprofit organization committed to fighting the disease Abarth’s founder Carlo Abarth died of.

To design this Abarth, the Italian company enlisted the help of Dutch artist Pablo Lücker to create the special one off design. It’s a tribute to the brand’s illustrious racing heritage. Look closely and you’ll spot wrenches, trophies, helmets, and podiums. And what makes those special stripes glow? Scorpions of course!

Yes those stripes actually incorporate pieces of real scorpion skin, however for the animal lovers out there rest assured no scorpions were harmed in the making of this one-off Italian car. Scorpion species glow in the dark naturally, and Abarth points out the average scorpion molts 16 times during its lifetime, so basically somebody had the enviable job of just collecting enough of it to use the skin to paint a car.

The stripes run from the bottom of the bonnet, right above the scorpion logo to the bottom part of the boot lid, where they end with Lücker’s signature. They’re painted on a deep black base coat for maximum contrast and with those black alloy wheels it looks ever the Scorpion ready to strike.

The Scorpion Skin edition model is based on the 595 model and the special paint is the only difference over a standard 595, maybe dissapointingly Abarth has no plans to add its Glow In The Dark Edition to the range anytime soon, probably best as that would mean an awful lot of Scopions needing to shed some skin.

Abarth Special Skin Edition

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