7-Seater Alfa Romeo SUV 12 Months Away

Brace yourself SUV haters but Alfa Romeos is to bring us another and it is only 12 months away. Codenamed Castello – Italian for Castle –  the Italian marque will introduce a 7 seater model to continue building its product range as the car maker carries out the five year plan set out by FCA earlier this year.

In a market dominated by the Germans, Alfa Romeo is working hard to re establish itself as a premium brand and sees a new 7 seater SUV important, particularly for the North American market where demand for vehicles is high.

Based on the successful ‘Giorgio’ platform which both the Giulia and Stelvio are based on, a longer version of around 4.90m some 20cm more than a Stelvio will see the new 7 seater incorporate two additional seats which will be retractable under the floor.

The interior will be familiar to any Stelvio owner as Alfa Romeo simply does not have the funds to design a new cockpit for each model, making it largely unchanged from the current model range.

We can expect the Castello to arrive in 2019, likely to be launched in the American markets first with a roll out across Europe expected in 2020.

Like them or not, Alfa Romeo has to bring to the market what the market demands and car owners just can’t seem to get enough of SUV’s. Much like Porsche with the Cayenne, the future for Alfa very much depends on its SUV range ensuring it brings the car maker the profits it needs for future investment which will ensure we see sports cars from the Italian marque further down the road…

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