Over 30 Ferrari’s On Track

F1 Clienti/XX Programmes – Over 30 dream cars in Barcelona

More than thirty F1 Clienti and XX Programmes cars took turns in two days of tests on the Barcelona track, at Montmelò, thrilling and entertaining the special customers who let rip on the ups and downs of a track that has hosted the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix since 1991.


Semi-automatic jewel. The legendary F1-89 single-seater, a car that holds a special place in the history of the category, was also present. This was the first car equipped with a semi-automatic transmission and gear shifter on the steering wheel, an extraordinary innovation that hugely reduced the work of the drivers. Previously, continuous use of the gear lever had taken its toll on their hands. As well as driving comfort, this innovation also meant that drivers never had to take either hand off the steering wheel, thus reducing errors. For the F1-89 the situation was almost paradoxical since it never had the chance to compete on this track because the system was only completed in 1991.


The winners. There were also various cars on the track from the 2000s, including a number of Spanish Grand Prix winners. One of these was the F2001, which dominated the race with Michael Schumacher, or the 2004, which, again with the German, monopolised the season and won the title at Spa-Francorchamps at the end of August. The F2007 also put in an appearance. Felipe Massa drove this car to his fourth career win, while Kimi Räikkönen triumphed the following season with the F2008. There was also space for the F138 with which Fernando Alonso gained victory at home in the 2013 season.


XX Programmes. In addition to the Formula 1 single-seaters, finding in Barcelona their perfect natural environment, the cars of the XX Programmes also provided entertainment and fun. Ten FXX Ks and FXX K EVOs took to the track, with their incredible 1050 hp engines. Customers were free to fully exploit the potential of the hybrid car on the long straight to the finish line, while the 599XX and 599XX EVO used their sophisticated aerodynamics to stick to the asphalt and reach high cornering speeds. A truly unmissable spectacle.

Over thirty Ferrari's on track

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