Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Spied On Test

Only a week ago we brought you news of Lamborghini’s latest Huracan, the track day GT3 Evo – https://enzari.com/2018/09/lamborghini-huracan-gt3-evo-evolution-on-the-track/ – not one to sit on it’s backside the Italian supercar maker is already on with giving it’s V10 sports car a mid life make over.

Spied by Motor1, despite having the ever familiar camouflage look, you can just about get a few clues to any changes on the way, the front bumper looks to have had a reworking making it more a part of the overall design with the air intakes indicating some active aero work is going on. Further aerodynamic work can be found on the side where a horizontal like fin shows sign of body redesign.

Extra vents also seem to indicate a reworked V10 engine producing more power could be at work here. Follow the design of the car around the back and it appears to have taken on a Performante style dual exhaust system. What look’s like a completely new rear diffuser, somewhat more aggressive than the current Huracan model’s is also clearly seen. Certainly overall giving the impression this mid life Lambo could be more than just a nip and tuck.

Any other changes are set to be on the inside with rumours suggesting a larger centre console, almost Tesla-like could be on the way, not expected until late 2019 for now I think we can cope with the Huracan’s that Lamborghini still offer us.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo

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