Italian Car Makers come in ahead of rivals in WhatCar? Reliability Survey

The latest WhatCar? Reliability Survey has been released showing Italian carmakers as more reliable than their rivals, with Tesla and Land Rover finishing rock bottom. The What Car? Reliability Survey 2018 reveals ratings for 159 models spanning 31 brands.

Whilst the headlines is talk of Japanese manufacturers taking top spot. the real surprise to most will be Alfa Romeo in 8th with sister company Fiat in 14th, both finishing ahead of their main rivals, BMW down in 16th place, whilst Volkswagen & Ford can only manage 17th and 18th, out of 31 carmakers surveyed putting them below average.

Steve Huntingford, editor of What Car?, said: “Reliability is a huge consideration for any prospective car buyer, as your car is likely to be your second biggest monthly expense after mortgage or rent payments. You want your car to last and you don’t want to have to fork out huge amounts to fix faults and keep it running.’

The reliability ranking is based on data from more than 18,000 owners who told What Car? how troubled their cars had been in the last 12 months. To create a unique What Car? reliability ranking for each model, What Car? factored in how much it had cost to repair and how long it was off the road for.

Most reliable cars (1 – 4 years old) by brand in the What Car? Reliability Survey 2018:

Rank Make Score
1 Suzuki 97.7%
2 Lexus 97.5%
3 Toyota 96.8%
=4 Kia 95.8%
=4 Mitsubishi 95.8%
=4 Subaru 95.8%
7 Skoda 95.6%
8 Alfa Romeo 95.5%
9 Hyundai 95.4%
10 Seat 95.2%
=11 Vauxhall 94.6%
=11 Mazda 94.6%
13 Dacia 94.1%
14 Fiat 94.0%
15 Honda 93.8%
16 BMW 93.4%
17 Volkswagen 92.9%
18 Ford 92.7%
19 Renault 91.7%
=20 Audi 91.5%
=20 Volvo 91.5%
22 Mini 91.2%
23 Porsche 90.9%
24 Peugeot 89.4%
25 Citroen 88.1%
26 Mercedes-Benz 88.0%
27 Nissan 87.1%
28 Jaguar 84.9%
29 Jeep 82.7%
30 Land Rover 76.5%
31 Tesla 57.3%






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