Garage Italia Makes Fiat Fullback Posh Pickup

In Hanover, Fiat Professional is currently at the 2018 International Motor Show showcasing it’s various commercial vehicles and having recently road tested the companies Fiat Fullback – https://enzari.com/2018/08/road-test-review-fiat-fullback-cross/, a certain fascinating Fullback Cross Concept by Garage Italia has caught our eye.

This Fullback Cross Concept by Garage Italia, an original concept vehicle created in partnership with Lapo Elkann’s creative hub, clearly the tuner’s intentions with the pickup were to add a touch of luxury to the utilitarian vehicle, a pick up more accustomed to builders yards than the high street. It’s labeled as a concept for now but chances are it might become a limited edition model if the public’s reactions are favorable.

On the outside, the show-vehicle features a distinctive Green/Bronze two-tone livery, highlighting the bronze mirror caps and the 17″ Black Matt wheels, combined with the original “Elmo Vintage” brown leather interior. The leather seats sport soft textile surfaces in the middle in a darker hue, while matching brown leather trim adorns the dashboard and door cards as well.

The vehicle on display is based on the Fullback Cross, the pickup with a strongly lifestyle personality, versatile and able to fulfil needs for mobility and freedom, to provide top performance during the daily grind and get the most from every moment of the day. On board Fullback Cross, it is extremely easy to overcome every obstacle, without sacrifices, without constraints and with no half measures. The Fiat Professional pickup combines apparently irreconcilable characteristics: it is the most trusted working partner and the most high-performing companion in every adventure. All its features and equipment make it extremely easy to use, and without sacrificing comfort: maximum agility anywhere thanks to the best-in-class turning circle diameter, parking simplified by the rearview camera, and comfort guaranteed by the leather seats and automatic transmission. What’s more, it can call on the most complete traction system in the category, to get its driver to any destination:

Just a touch of a button switches from two-wheel drive mode, ideal for fuel-saving, to all-wheel drive with a Torsen central differential for off-road use. In addition, Fullback Cross offers the option of low-range gears and, for the most extreme terrains, mechanical locking of the rear differential.


Fiat Fullback Cross Road Test

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