Ferrari 250 GTO Gets Modern Incarnation

The Ferrari 250 GTO is legendary, such beautiful design that it is at the top of many peoples lists when asked to name their favourite classic car. Following on from the recent unveiling of Ferrari’s Monza SP1 and SP2 models, themselves a modern interpretation of Ferrari’s from the past, some have suggested we might even see a modern 250 GTO.

Well it seems Ares Design in Modena could be offering just that, producing  a custom model with a rather substantial  789 hp engine, likely to be donated from a Ferrari F12 or 812 Superfast. Built to a very limited number of just 10, the redesigned 250 GTO is likely to fetch around £1.5M.

“We want to make a small series of these cars,” says Ares CEO Dany Bahar. “We could have the first one on the road in less than 12 months. Before we decide, we want to know what our customers think, what GTO owners think, and what Ferrari aficionados like the readers of Robb Report think.”

“In my view, the 250 GTO is the most iconic car ever produced, and the Holy Grail of motoring. Maybe people will think that some cars don’t need to be redone. We’ll listen.”

Whilst many people will cry ‘unfair play’ that anybody outside of Ferrari should consider recreating such a car as the legendary 250GTO, in fact many would say even Ferrari themselves should leave well alone.

“It’s a modern reinterpretation, not a copy,” Bahar says. “It’s a showcase for what our designers can do. If you’re going to take on a car like the 250 GTO, you need to have good hands and big balls, because every line will be criticized. But I think the proportions of this car are perfect.”

Bahar describes these sketches as a “work in progress” but says that the proportions won’t change and that the client is currently refining the details with Ares’s designers. Although the concept’s lines and proportions clearly reference the original, its modern Ferrari engine has more than twice the capacity and power of the 250 GTO’s V-12, meaning the body needs to provide more cooling and more downforce at high speeds.

Tell us what you think, Share your thoughts on this modern 250 GTO…


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