Ferrari 15 Model Plan Including Hybrid FUV

Following on from the unveiling earlier in the week of it’s special series Monza SP1 & SP2, now all the excitement has died down a little, what has also got tongues wagging in the automotive world is the Italian supercar makers talk of launching 15 new models in the next 5 years, including the companies first Hybrid FUV (Or SUV if you prefer?!).

According to Ferrari around 60% of new Ferrari models will feature hybrid technology. Part of this line-up will include a new V6 hybrid powertrain, which they have confirmed is currently in development. Amongst this news from CEO Louis Camilleri was that the company also plans to sell more limited-edition, exclusive vehicles to Ferrari’s best current customers, wealthy enthusiasts who already own several of its cars, these cars may sell in small numbers, just a few hundred each however thanks to their price tag they will give Ferrari considerable profit.

Sports Cars:

These are the cars you think of when Ferrari is mentioned, in it’s current range this means the high-performance V8 Turbo 488 and V12 812 Superfast, the two seater supercars suitable for both road and track. As technology moves forward these will also include future hybrid model’s, adding electric drive to Ferrari’s traditional internal-combustion engines to enhance performance while reducing fuel consumption.



Gran Turismo (GT):

Think of crossing continents, travelling down to the South of France and you get the idea of a GT, enough space in the back for a couple of passengers (just!) and boot space for a couple of bags for your trip and off you go, currently you would find yourself in either the recently launched Portofino or the GTC4 Lusso. Adding to these two cars with be the aforementioned Hybrid FUV, an SUV-inspired vehicle, which Ferrari will name Purosangue (the Italian word for thoroughbred). Speaking earlier this week, Ferrari confirmed this won’t be an ordinary SUV, like the GT models it will have four seats, probably four doors, as well as adjustable ride height for rough terrain, putting it head to head with the Lamborghini Urus the Purosangue should be with us in 2-3 years, although we hear it could be before then.

Special Series:

Cars are those as the name implies, built in small numbers such as the 488 Pista, these cars will be special versions of Ferrari’s line up, incorporating both the Sports Car and Gran Turismo class. Cars such as the Pista are not only more expensive than the car they are based on but they do offer the customer a car with a more enhanced experience, more power, unique features, better handling and special paint options. We can expect more of these Special Series cars from Maranello in the future.


Icona models:

Even more special than the special series, these cars will in effect draw on the companies past, inspiration from it’s previous race winners, iconic cars (250 GTO maybe?) that have helped create the company we know today. The difference between an old recreation and Ferrari’s Icona models will be they are a modern car, occasional limited-production models with cutting-edge technologies and exceptionally high performance. Like the Monza SP! & Sp2, the Icona cars will offer unique styling, but like the Special Series will be limited edition run with a high price tag.

Still splitting opinion amongst car fans is the companies decision to make an SUV, in a world where even Rolls Royce and soon Aston Martin offer one, Ferrari simply cannot afford to not do the same. We are assured by Ferrari that it’s FUV will be a a true Ferrari, with the Purosangue set to ride on an all-new Ferrari architecture. It is basically a modular platform intended to support numerous Ferrari front-engined models. The new modular platform, which allows shortening or lengthening of the wheelbase, also supports proper Ferrari setting. The Ferrari FUV will feature; Front mid-engine layout – the engine will sit behind the front axle, Gearbox at the rear end of the car near the rear axle which allows for an easy installation of the hybrid system, Numerous power options making it similar in it’s layout to that of a GT.

Commenting on the companies first FUV, the new Ferrari boss, Louis Camilleri, said of the Purosangue: “As a die-hard Ferrarista, I was a tad skeptical when the concept was first voiced at the board. Having now seen the wonderful design concept and the extraordinary features, and knowing the resources we have dedicated to bringing this vehicle to life, I am a hugely enthusiastic supporter.”


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