FCA Heritage stars at “Passione Alfa Romeo”

The Group department dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the historic legacy of FCA’s Italian brands will be taking part in the new international event focusing on Alfa Romeo, exhibiting magnificent models that have written glorious chapters in the brand’s history

On Saturday 22 September, the Betzholz road safety centre at Hinwil, near Zurich, will stage the largest event dedicated to Alfa enthusiasts of the past and present ever organised in Switzerland. The finest exemplars of the Alfa Romeo brand’s current production will be present in force, with the Giulia and Stelvio NRING from the Nürburgring Special Edition, celebrating the records set on the German circuit, and the 4C “Competizione” and “Italia” special series. Visitors will also be able to admire the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team showcar.


Naturally, FCA Heritage, the Group department dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the historic legacy of FCA’s Italian brands, which conserves and cares for the historic models in the company’s collection, will be there. In Switzerland, it will be exhibiting six precious gems normally conserved at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo – La macchina del tempo in Arese: cars that recount the technical excellence the Milan-based constructor achieved during the last century, and embrace almost half a century of history, from 1930 to 1975.


Alfa Romeo 6C 1750GS (1930)

The oldest model is a splendid 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport, the icon of the Mille Miglia, which won the event in 1930 driven by Nuvolari and Guidotti, achieving an average speed of over 100 km/h for the very first time. Under the bonnet, a twin cam six-cylinder 1752 cc engine.


Alfa Romeo GP Tipo B P3 (1932)

The GP Tipo B “P3 also has strong associations with Nuvolari: considered one of the best racing-cars ever built, it was designed by Vittorio Jano specifically for circuit Grand Prix competition. Lightweight and with a straight eight engine, it won its first race, the 1932 Italian Grand Prix, driven by the “Flying Mantovan” himself.


Alfa Romeo GP Tipo 159 Alfetta (1951)

During the years after the 2nd World War, after the thrilling success in 1950, when Giuseppe “Nino” Farina won the World title in the last race, in 1951 Alfa Rome decided to race the Alfetta again. The upgraded version of the model, called the Tipo 159, repeated the World Championship victory, driven this time by Fangio.


Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint (1956)

This elegant coupé with Touring bodywork is the “gran tourism” version of the 1900, the first car to be industrially produced at the Portello plants, which became famous in the 1950s for its advertising slogan: “the family car that wins races”.The performance and reliability of the 1900 SS, powered by a 1975 cc twin-cam four-cylinder engine, soon made it one of the favourite cars of gentlemen drivers of the period.


Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Am (1970)

The 1750 GT Am, built in 1970, is another world-famous Alfa Romeo icon. Unlike the model sold in Europe, the 1750 GTV – from which the GT Am (standing for “Gran Turismo America”) was born – featured the Spica indirect mechanical injection system, which complied with American emissions standards and was also well suited to racing. With its aggressive looks and 220 HP engine, it achieved great success in the European GT Championship when the car’s top driver, the “Flying Dutchman” Toine Hezemans, won the Drivers’ Title in 1970. It is driven here by Milan-born driver Ivan Capelli, who won the 1984 Formula 3 European Championship in the Martini MK42 with Alfa Romeo engine.


Alfa Romeo 33 TT 12 (1975)

The 33 TT 12 made its debut on 5 May 1973 at the “Spa-Francorchamps 1000 km”, when the World Championship for Makes was experiencing great popularity and attracting large investments from the top constructors. The number “33” had been introduced in 1967 and by that point had become a legend. The letters “TT” stood for “Telaio Tubolare” (tubular chassis, derived from its predecessor the 33 TT3 with 8v engine), while “12” was the number of cylinders of the new three-litre boxer engine capable of delivering in excess of 500 HP and a speed of 330 km/h. At “Passione Alfa Romeo” it will be driven by Arturo Merzario, who won the World Championship for Makes in the TT12 in 1975.

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