Delta Futurista Is Romantic Vision

It seems the internet is going crazy over a car, yes normally when we hear of ‘the internet breaking’ some pop up shop celebrity who most of us haven’t heard of is revealing too much of their rear or something equally distatestful but this time it is a car, and we can understand why.

We featured the ‘new’ Lancia Delta from Eugene Amos and his Italian company, Automobili Amos back in May – https://enzari.com/2018/05/lancia-delta-hf-integrale-is-back/

Now petrol heads are going crazy over Amos’ project, as they revive the legendary Lancia integrale. The businessman and racing driver is a Lancia Delta HF integrale enthusiast, a man with a real passion for cars as they where not maybe as they are now, “it represents my romantic vision in a world that is too aseptic, too fast, that runs like the wind, superficial and intangible,” says Amos. “I long for a bygone, idealised time when men, values and substance were at the core of the product. Therefore this car is pure, raw and essential.”

Through his company he has decided to restore the Italian legend. Integrale’s return will be called Delta Futurista. The car will feature an aluminum body, carbon parts, a new suspension and a remanufactured two-litre 330-horsepower engine.

In total, it will include more than 1,000 new accessories, with a weight limited to 1,250 kg. The production of Delta Futurista will be limited as it will produce a maximum of 20 units and its price will reach the unrealistic amount of 300,000 euros.

Amos reminds us that cars are not just machines but should be something more than that “Nowadays every car is fast, safe, reliable, precise,” he argues, “but what happened to the personality?” Fitting then that they have chosen Lancia, more importantly an Italian brand, it is after all a comment I often make, that Italian cars are and should be something different.

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